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default #10 Taking Responsibility: Getting Health Back by Dean Martens

    Dean Martens, CH discusses how to really get back our wellbeing, and keep it. Thisvideo is part ten of a series, Taking Responsibility for Our Health. This info is brought to you by Herbs of Light. Herbs of Light is commited to well being education. Clinical Herbalist Dean Martens, founder and president of Herbs of Light, has spent much more than 20 years studying wellness and the prevention of dis-ease. He cured himself of a number of "incurable" diseases employing organic strategies, and his passion is to spread the understanding he has attained as widely as achievable. Herbs of Light manufactures living, wildcrafted/natural herbal medicine in our committed laboratory on 30 acres of biodynamic, natural land, wherever Mother Earth is assisted in her magical enterprise - producing the foods that are greatest for our bodies. We strive to manufacture goods that are "as great as humans can possibly achieve" - in terms of energy, high quality, potency and purity. Our video seminars and informative clips are meant to educate, enlighten, inspire and motivate. For far more information about Dean and Herbs of Light, please pay a visit to our site!

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