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Query by Karira: About the lemon detox diet......? I've been on the complete detox plan for eight days, but now I am starting up to feel extreamly cold and I"m beginning to hate the detox drink.So I began drinkng orange juice as nicely. The diet plan says you may have a glass of herbal tea of orange juice a day, But nowadays I had alot more than that. Do you think It will slow down my detox?

For thoughs of you who don't know On the diet plan you have two liters of water mixed with lemon juice, tree surup and cayne peper.

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Solution by *Je m'appelle*
Dont you hate how men and women often post those unhelpful ads like the ones above me... anyways, i dont believe it would due to the fact orange is fruit and has natural detoxing propertys, just make certain it doesn't take place yet again just to be secure Very good Luck with the Diet i bet its really tough going days on only liquid that does not sound really appetizing!!

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