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Question by seabreeyz: Alternative Herbal Medicine Detox question...? I have been on Natures Sunshine Enviro-Detox (cleans liver, lungs, kidneys, skin and intestinal tract?) for 5 days. In this time I have had a mild stomach ache, and a pain that feels like it's in my gallbladder, making my back hurt too, and very itsy-bitsy bowel movement after I drink my coffee, when normally I have a very good movement. I feel if I were to have a large bowel movement, all the hurts and pains would go away. Feels as I am stopped up very badly. Is this the way this stuff works? Is it coming soon? Or am I having a bad reaction to this natural cleanse? and I also noticed a "smell" from my skin. None of this happened before I started this detox. Is this all normal as to how it works?

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Answer by retpo
Nature's Sunshine is generally a pretty good brand though I've not used this specific product. As the herbs pull toxins out of your organs, you need to be eliminating them. Otherwise, you're body will reabsorb the toxins you're trying to get rid of. The smell coming through your skin would be expected when the bowel is not eliminating. I rarely recommend any drug of any kind, but you may want to take a stool softener to get things moving asap. Continue with the cleanse but keep your bowels moving. Another option is to divide your weight (pounds) by 40. If you weigh 130, you would get 3 with 10 remaining. Disregard the 10. 3 is the number of 1000 mil vitamin c pills you would take at one time. If you don't have a bowel movement within 30 minutes, take another vit c.Once your body has enough vitamin c, it will quickly eliminate the remainder through the intestines, clearing out everything with it. Do this method only when you have a couple of hours to spend at home!

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