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Question by ladyeve983: 2yrs in may possibly as well young for herbal remedy? My husband and i by no means liked medicine and started doing herbal remedies on ourselves... My son has a runny nose, sneezing, couching and sounds rather congested. He's acting fine no fever but looks terrible and can't sleep at evening.

can i give him anything if so whats very good?

Very best answer:

Answer by d c
Yes it is safe to use herbal treatments with youngsters, you just require to know what to offer. Eucalyptus chest rub, Elderberry Syrup. Right here is aspect of an report I wrote about a whilst ago. Children's Cold Care

Reprinted with permission from Demetria Clark

Frequently times when a youngster gets a cold it can be hard on the entire household. We want to make this time less complicated for every person. The following is a list of effortless suggestions.

Garlic is a wonderful herbal antibiotic. Add it to clear broths, dinner (spaghetti, bake it and smear on bread, dice and add to a salad) or directly to tea and add honey (if kid is over two years of age).

Oregano is a excellent and powerful herb. Oregano includes above thirty biologically active ingredients of which twelve have antibiotic, anti-viral, anti-parasitic or anti-fungal effects. You can use oregano in food, teas, and baths. Oregano can be purchased fresh in virtually in grocery shop. I love oregano, it is effortless to develop and smells so lovely.

Carrots, carob, blueberries, and raspberries include complicated sugars (oligosaccharides) which interfere with the binding of pathogenic bacteria to the intestinal lining. This is good for flues and bodies that are reacting to colds with diarrhea. These are also helpful since of their high vitamin content.

A youngster with a cold and fever is simply dehydrated and can turn out to be constipated. Flush your child's body with as much fluid as they will accept. Clear broths, juices, teas and water will help in alleviating dehydration.

Warm homemade lemonade: In a glass of tea temperature water squeeze in fresh lemon juice. Add a teaspoon honey (if child is over two years of age). You can also add a tiny piece of fresh garlic or sprig of mint.

You can make a soothing herbal bath with rosemary, lavender, chamomile and calendula. To a quart of boiling water add 1 cup herbal mixture. Permit to steep till the water is completely cool. Add 1-two cups to the bath. Save extra for later.

Rosehip Tea is great because of the high bioflavonoid and vitamin C content.

You can also add a couple of drops of eucalyptus, lavender, tea tree, or rosemary oil to a pot of boiling water, for vaporization.

Practice great hygiene, specifically careful and frequent hand-washing, and teach your youngster to do the very same. You can clean doorknobs, toilet handles, toilet seats, faucets and other generally touched surfaces with important oils of Tea Tree, Rosemary, Lavender, or Peppermint.

All colds can be an inconvenience. It is critical to rest, be calm and sleep a lot. It is also important that when a kid has a cold they do not sit in front of the Tv all day. This is a great time to color, read, be read to or play a game.

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    Question by Eli M: 3hr Glucose Tolerance Test? My docotor ordered a Glucose Tolerance Test and other tests ( C Peptide Test, Hemoglobin Test) to examine for Diabetes. For the past 3 Weeks I've been on a rather strict diet program of Fruits and Veggies and I've been taking Vitamins (multi & B-Complex) & Detox Herbal Teas. Would this affect my outcomes? Ought to I forget about the diet regime til I get the tests completed?

    Very best answer:

    Answer by Monica
    It will impact the outcomes. I don't want to inform you to go off your diet regime, simply because it really is most likely closer to what you ought to be performing all the time. You need to locate a diet regime that you can keep on indefinitely before you take that test.

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      Question by kimmers163: A natural and safe herbal remedy for canine halitosis? Is there a holistic vet in the house? Please help, I don't want to give her chemicals.

      Best answer:

      Answer by old cat lady
      Bad breath can be caused by a poor diet and accumulation of plaque on the teeth.

      Have you looked at your dog's teeth? I professional cleaning at the vet's might do wonders.

      Have you heard of the BARF diet for dogs? It's fairly easy to do and getting some wholesome meat and vegetables into the dog's diet is something you should consider. Chewing on chunks of meat and bone will keep your dog's teeth in excellent condition and should eliminate bad breath problems.

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        Question by theclotheshanger: Able to consume alcohol on the ReCleanse Herbal Cleanse? I want to start the Herbal Cleanse tomorrow and I was asking yourself if it is okay to consume alcohol although on the 7-day whole body detox? Has anybody taken this before?

        Finest answer:

        Answer by Lady Silver Fox
        I've by no means employed that product, but my medical doctor had us cease all alcohol use for the duration of a detox. It works against what you are trying to do with the cleanse.

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          Query by Karira: About the lemon detox diet......? I've been on the complete detox plan for eight days, but now I am starting up to feel extreamly cold and I"m beginning to hate the detox drink.So I began drinkng orange juice as nicely. The diet plan says you may have a glass of herbal tea of orange juice a day, But nowadays I had alot more than that. Do you think It will slow down my detox?

          For thoughs of you who don't know On the diet plan you have two liters of water mixed with lemon juice, tree surup and cayne peper.

          Greatest solution:

          Solution by *Je m'appelle*
          Dont you hate how men and women often post those unhelpful ads like the ones above me... anyways, i dont believe it would due to the fact orange is fruit and has natural detoxing propertys, just make certain it doesn't take place yet again just to be secure Very good Luck with the Diet i bet its really tough going days on only liquid that does not sound really appetizing!!

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            Question by The Professa: Adverse Reaction To ReNew Life Herbal Cleanse, Angular Chelitis, or HSV? A couple of weeks ago I started out taking the Renew Life Organic Total Body Cleanse three. About a week into it, I started to endure extreme diarrhea. When I purchased the item, the woman at the retailer told me to lower the range of pills that I was taking if I had been to suffer diarrhea and I did. About 10 days into the system, I started a breakout around my mouth comparable to fever blisters and I stopped taking the product. I have by no means suffered cold sores or fever blisters and made the decision to do some investigation. Right after studying and hunting at a lot of pics, I noticed that the lesion in the extreme corner of my mouth was precisely like an angular cheilitis pic. I utilised a home remedy to treat what I perceived to be angular chelitis and every little thing seemed to be healing just discover till I ate an tremendous amount of trail mix yesterday and now I am showing new bumps close to the very same place of my mouth. I do not have unprotected sex. Could the extreme diarrhea result in malnutrition that could have led angular chelitis? Could HSV be spread by the hands meeting vaginal fluids, breasts, and the hands inadvertently becoming exposed to the mouth?

            Best answer:

            Answer by frederick q
            Consults your physician for advise, and if feasible ask him/her to allow you for a lab test, and in so undertaking you will know the exact medication to go for. Hope this support. Thank you

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              Query by jerm2001ss: right after taking enchincea herbal supplement to cleanse blood and swollen lymph slight discomfort in node?? ever heard of this? is this coming from the actual cleansing of lymph nodes?

              Finest answer:

              Answer by Fresca
              echinacea doesn't actually perform that well (for me anyways), I would ask a individual to help you locate one more remedy. I like to use golden seal, it comes in pills or a tinker. Its an antibacterial root. I generally use it in a tinker and mix with tea or put it in my Netti pot. I also just got more than a cold and utilised the brand Kold Kare which I bought from my regional natrual shop. there are several other choices. Yes, that is common when you have an infection. you have about six of them. two on your pelvis, two on your throat and two on shoulder blades. if you have an infection it causes them to swell to aid fight it. really feel greater!

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                herbal cleanse50 after taking enchincea herbal supplement to cleanse blood and swollen lymph node.notice slight pain in node?
                jerm2001ss asked:

                ever heard of this? is this coming from the actual cleansing of lymph nodes?

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                Query by king_b_22_408: Alcoholism-is there an more than-the-counter med/supplement/herbal remedy to fight withdrawal symptoms? Reason staying is I drink way too much. I was preparing on quitting, tonight becoming the first evening. I've been noticing symptoms like finding the "shakes" and what-not, so I am just hunting to see if I could get any support nowadays, and not have to wait a week to get in to a actual medical doctor. Any and all aid would be appreciated!

                Best solution:

                Answer by suziequick71
                I have one basic solution candy and a tooth brush, largely the purpose that men and women are addicted to alchol is because of the sugar.

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                  Question by seabreeyz: Alternative Herbal Medicine Detox question...? I have been on Natures Sunshine Enviro-Detox (cleans liver, lungs, kidneys, skin and intestinal tract?) for 5 days. In this time I have had a mild stomach ache, and a pain that feels like it's in my gallbladder, making my back hurt too, and very itsy-bitsy bowel movement after I drink my coffee, when normally I have a very good movement. I feel if I were to have a large bowel movement, all the hurts and pains would go away. Feels as I am stopped up very badly. Is this the way this stuff works? Is it coming soon? Or am I having a bad reaction to this natural cleanse? and I also noticed a "smell" from my skin. None of this happened before I started this detox. Is this all normal as to how it works?

                  Best answer:

                  Answer by retpo
                  Nature's Sunshine is generally a pretty good brand though I've not used this specific product. As the herbs pull toxins out of your organs, you need to be eliminating them. Otherwise, you're body will reabsorb the toxins you're trying to get rid of. The smell coming through your skin would be expected when the bowel is not eliminating. I rarely recommend any drug of any kind, but you may want to take a stool softener to get things moving asap. Continue with the cleanse but keep your bowels moving. Another option is to divide your weight (pounds) by 40. If you weigh 130, you would get 3 with 10 remaining. Disregard the 10. 3 is the number of 1000 mil vitamin c pills you would take at one time. If you don't have a bowel movement within 30 minutes, take another vit c.Once your body has enough vitamin c, it will quickly eliminate the remainder through the intestines, clearing out everything with it. Do this method only when you have a couple of hours to spend at home!

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