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default High tech health care: ASYRA, biomeridian stress testing.

    ASYRA: In a position to scan your physique for hefty metals like mercury, lead, arsenic, harmful toxins each man created and all-natural compounds. Imprint homeopathic that are target distinct for you. Treatments are scanned and printed incorporate herbal, homeopathic, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, phenolic, botanicals, extracts, bach flower, and much more. Allergic reactions and sensitivities can be assessed and cleared with specific protocols, using frequency's of offending materials imprinted onto remedy acts like a vaccine for the entire body to reprogram the immune response. Parasites, bacteria, mold, mildew, virus's, nano bacterium, can be detected. Rife like skills to imprint frequency into homeopathic. Direct latest is run via the physique, resistance to certain frequencies makes it possible for asyra to detect concerns preventing the physique from currently being healthy or sick. All-natural and holistic tactic is so correct major university exhibits above 90% accurate correlation to 1500 sufferers blood perform final results! Rapidly results printed out that day and you can begin plan appropriate away. Biomeridian stress check 1st discovered by Reinholt Voll. Acupuncture according to Voll set the normal for purely natural medicine in Germany and today even greater technological innovation. Detox, allergy elimination, target nutritional plan and take guess function out making use of Asyra. Costs from one hundred-197 for scan. Contact nowadays and set up an appointment at Advanced Wellness Center with Dr. John Lieurance 941 330 8553. Also making use of neuroscience for neurotransmitter testing for dopamine ...

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