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Question by taintedlove254: hunting for a genuinely good herbal remedy book.? i cant uncover a god herbal remedy book.That is really simple and in depth . i'm hunting for a greater version of a book like herbally yours by penny c. royal. It is Effortless and basic but i want or detail and does and donts

Ideal answer:

Answer by E M
Nicely, there are very a few excellent ones that come to mind. My personal preferred, and one particular I refer to as "The Bible" is Healing With Entire Foods by Paul Pitchford. This book is exceptional for several causes, it is a really thorough and in depth reference book (descriptions of many herbal treatments, the notion of five elements and the physique, nutritional information on a significant variety of fruits, vegetables and grains as nicely as complimentary recipes) and is also extremely user friendly and easy to comprehend.

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