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    This is Video #11 because I started to eat completely RAW. I have just completed the Raw Food Rehab 11 Week initiative Resolve to Evolve and will give you the Ending Benefits. I have started the Detox Program with Herbal Well being Center - Dr. Robert Morse. Also will talk about The Accurate North Well being Center and Juice / Water Healing. Also my Excess weight Drop Results. I want to Thank Everybody for the Motivation and Great Comments. Lifestyle is excellent when you have Pals That Care. I Enjoy You All. You happen to be Pal Bill...RawFoodForMyLife Herbal Well being Center 525 Tamiami Trail Suite #six Port Charlotte, Florida 33953 941-255-1979 Correct North Well being Center 1551 pacific Ave. Santa Rosa, Calif. 95404 707-586-5555

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