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Question by danny a: Stinger detox. please help! drug check tomorrow!? Okay. i bought some stinger 5x strength detox. The directions are to take it 60 to 90 minutes prior to wanting to be clean. and prevent undesirable toxins for 48 hours (thc, drugs.) well this morning close to five am i smoked some herbal incense (spice) im not certain if that counts as a toxin or not. I only weigh 120. and this detox is for people who have been heavily exposed (smoked alotttt of weed) and for greater individuals. my check is tomorrow. not positive what time. thinkin all around noon. i plan on drinking a bunch of water and cranberry juice nowadays and tomorrow. and take that stinger. I just want some critiques if any person has taken stinger before. Oh and by the way. dont post answers saying its not going to perform.or absolutely nothing functions or. its just a scam. Due to the fact you dont know sh*t. Ive recognized plenty of individuals who have passed a drug test with detox. and other approaches of cleansing. I passed just by chugging water for two days straight. I just want some straight answers.

Finest solution:

Solution by GaryR
None of these magic potions operate. You cannot flush THC out of your body your liver and kidneys ought to do that, and you cannot speed up the method. Drug abusers will all come up with these preposterous "fixes," but the basic, tough details are that none of them operate. None of them. If you smoked weed inside 21-28 days of your drug test, then you will flunk. Put together for the consequences. Oh, and grow up.

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