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Skincare Tricks: 'Billion Dollar Brows' Skin Care Goods

Sacramento, CA (PRWEB) December 27, 2007

Gone are the days of thinly penciled in lines and painfully over-plucked brows. Today's eyebrows are beautifully natural and attainable by all.'s latest article, "Billion Dollar Brows: A Luxury That Can Be Had By All," discusses the fundamentals of brow shaping and how one particular firm was formed to "eradicate more than-plucked, misshapen brows from the world." articles.php?ArtID=484

When it comes to shaping the eyebrows, it really is a woman's face shape, not the most recent fashion, that is the deciding element. Oval shaped faces can wear any form, but look very best in curved eyebrows. For a round face, arched eyebrows will define the facial functions. And for a square or rectangular face, rounded brows will make a softer appear.

Tweezing is the most well-known at-home approach for getting rid of stray hairs. For best benefits, use a pair of sharp, slant-tipped tweezers to get rid of any hairs that disrupt the all-natural line under the brows. Tweeze just out of the shower, pulling out hairs in the identical path the hair grows. To ease pain or redness, use an ice cube and hydrocortisone cream.

According to the report, it is a good idea to check out a salon each and every 4 to five months to have brows shaped by the pros, which will make maintenance in among visits significantly easier to manage. Waxing is a widespread strategy of eyebrow shaping that should, in most instances, be left to the pros as it offers significantly much less control than tweezing. Threading and electrolysis are other exceptional alternatives to explore at a good quality salon. Threading is a newer trend that originates in the Middle East and Asia, in which a skilled threader quickly removes hairs by twisting threads together. Electrolysis destroys hairs permanently, and is a good remedy for extremely unruly brows.

For any woman who has ever over-plucked her eyebrows, or been the victim of a poor plucking task at a salon, Billion Dollar Brows or BDB is right here to the rescue. Believing that "thick, beautiful brows are a correct, not a privilege," the BDB product line was produced to "eradicate more than-plucked, misshapen brows from the world." Their merchandise include tweezers, vitamin-fortified treatment options for brows and lashes, and pencils and powders to match every single skin shade. Recently, they've opened a cozy, soothing spa with extremely educated and experienced brow artists. BDB has appeared at numerous celebrity occasions and shaped the brows of everybody from Sasha Cohen and Paula Abdul to Ali Landry and Janice Dickinson. Luckily, their charges don't cater to the wealthy and famous. Brow shaping and tweezing services range from $ 30-$ 40. Rates for their items are in between $ 12 and $ 45. covers all skincare and beauty topics from head to toe. Verify out these latest articles:

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