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New eBook Delivers Great Night’s Rest to 30 million Affected by Snoring

(PRWEB) April 21, 2006

The timing of the release of Adrian Wernham’s new eBook Stop Snoring Secrets Revealed is a dream come true and not just for the writer. The revolutionary method to cease raspy, rattling, sleep-disrupting snores will “hit the shelves” just in time to coincide with the UK’s annual “National Quit Snoring Week.”

According to the British Snoring &amp Sleep Apnea Association, ten.5 million guys and 4.5 million women snore in the U.K. alone, and their snoring is obtaining an effect on one more 15 million non-snorers. “58% of all snorers are among the ages of 50 and 59,” Wernham reports, “But a remarkable quantity of children snore, as well.”

“The pity of it is, millions of people are losing sleep over absolutely nothing,” says Wernham. “Snoring can surely be controlled!’

Snoring occurs when air is unable to move freely by means of a person’s nose and mouth in the course of sleep. The sound can become so loud that it wakes the snorer up…or disturbs the sleep of the individual on the other side of the pillow,” says Wernham.

Night following evening of snoring can lead to exhaustion, fatigue and lack of physical energy…the most widespread signs of sleep deprivation. Bad goes to worse when “These physical problems started to have a unfavorable impact on mood” reports Wernham.

It was his own struggles that led Wernham to discover a answer for snoring. “My spouse was so fed up with having to endure my snoring evening soon after evening that we ended sleeping in separate rooms,” the author reports with candor. Unwilling to let a snore destroy my marriage,” Wernham took action. “I learned what therapies operate and which remedies don’t function. I learned how to assess the degree of a person’s snoring issue. And I discovered how to use things that surround us everyday to place an finish to my problem.”

What began as a individual journey became a professional enterprise when Wernham realized that what he had developed could help others.

Stop Snoring Secrets Revealed is a lively, and informative and comprehensive in its scope, with recommendations suitable for all varieties of snorers. It incorporates step-by-step directions to help readers “make the life style and emotional modifications necessary to place an finish to snoring forever, plus in depth info on how to ultimately get a restful night’s rest speedily, quickly, and effortlessly,” says Wernham with pride.

In addition to exploring conventional remedy options including somnoplasty, laser surgery, tongue suspension, and nasal reconstructive surgical treatment, Wernham also reports on normal and alternative therapies including magnetic treatment, hypnosis, massage, light treatment, steam inhalation, nasal strips, and Chinese herbal treatments.

To learn much more about Quit Snoring Secrets Revealed, pay a visit to http://www.snoring-cures-remedies.com in which the ebook is also obtainable for purchase.

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