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Question by BUSHELL: Does anyone have a good herbal remedy for dandruff?

Best answer:

Answer by icecream
aloe vera

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    Query by It'sJustMe: Does any person have chronic headaches? Seeking for a homeopathic or herbal remedy that truly functions!? I have chronic headaches. I normally use Ibuprofen, or naproxen sodium but my stomach is starting up to get rather delicate. Tylenol does not perform at all and I'd like to find something natural considering that I want to take it every day.

    Best answer:

    Answer by mike
    try feverfew/jamacian dogwood compund!!! it operates excellent!!!

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      Query by bluesugarprincess: Does anybody know if the natural herbal remedy UTI-Clear actually functions? I am continuously finding uti's and I'm tired of going to the physician to get antibiotics, i located this on-line and I want to know if it has worked for any individual.

      Greatest answer:

      Answer by Rawrrrr
      I've attempted it and it did not operate for me.

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        Question by ashleysokal: My cat has advanced kidney condition - has anyone been in a position to reverse this? Quartarrah was just diagnosed yesterday right after a routine blood test. They mentioned her kidneys are only operating a third of what they really should be. They sent me home with a 10-day antibiotic and new K/D food.

        I was thinking maybe a feline detox may well help (any recipies?) and are there herbal remedies that could reverse this?

        I adore my cat, and want to give her the greatest chance probable to survive this longer than the few months the vet said she'd final.

        She's 14 years old and has been with me for 13 of them. She's a extremely feisty calico and has endured a lot in her life. I know that if there is some thing out there that could aid her, it would function, due to the fact she's a fighter.

        If any individual has a comparable story, please share!

        Greatest answer:

        Answer by Dotr
        I have a 14 yr old male, I enjoy him. I suspected kidney difficulties and have occasionally extra a few granuals of golden seal root to his food. It boosts the immune technique make positive to add only a small bit.

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          Query by Cca: Can any individual reccommend a good wiccan supply online store/ Or an herbal remedy on-line supplier?

          Very best answer:

          Answer by Crystal Dolphin
          If you examine out the networking section of The Witches Voice at under your state, you might uncover such suppliers in your nearby region.

          For online, there are tons - right here is a single that I've ordered from in the past as they fairly a lot have virtually everything a Wiccan or a witch might be looking for.

          And as far as herbal remedies go - one particular need to be nicely-versed in the use of herbs for wellness purposes - while they are normal, some can nevertheless be dangerous to you if not used appropriately. I would appear into some organic food retailers in your location which normally have info on herbal wellbeing/remedies and/or consultants you might speak to who are seasoned in herbal wellbeing and healing.

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            Question by Jane W: Does anyone have a suggestion for a herbal remedy for stage fright?

            Best answer:

            Answer by savage_sam

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              Query by MarcoPolo: Does anyone know a property or herbal remedy for canker sores?

              Very best solution:

              Answer by crisdeee
              Attempt Toothpaste....not a gel tho.( worked for me.)

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                Question by TheGr8Pretender: Has any person ever tried a colon cleanse from Blessed Herbs? I saw an infommercial for a organization called Blessed Herbs not as well extended ago. They were marketing an herbal colon cleanse that entailed mixing the herbal supplements with juice and fasting for a week, consuming nothing at all but the herbal mix. I located their website but it didn't have numerous reviews from consumers who have attempted it. I was asking yourself if any individual ever utilised a item from Blessed Herbs, or any herbal colon cleanse for that matter? If so, what were the benefits? Did you discover any good modifications? What were the side-effects, if any? Also, how did you feel although on the supplements and what can a single count on?? Thanks in advance for sharing any and all details.

                Best solution:

                Answer by boppstar
                have attempted aloe vera colon main distinction felt

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                  Query by Mark B: Does any individual know if herbal Colon Cleansing genuinely operates, or if some other approach functions much better?

                  Best answer:

                  Answer by Lisa M.
                  My sister and I have been employing this cleansing technology for about six months....I enjoy it soo a lot...I wil use it for the rest of my life:)....the 1st time I did it, I lost 13 pounds in 9 days!!....verify out this website:)

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                    Question by claytonc22: Has anyone ever taken the herbal remedy "feverfew" for migraine headache prevention? If so, how has it worked? I have been suffering with migraine headaches that have gotten to the point where I am getting them more than not during a month. I have taken various prescription medications that have not worked for me. I'm just looking for something herbal as opposed to narcotic like what my doctors want me to take. Any suggestions would be wonderful.

                    Best answer:

                    Answer by snowee6952
                    Feverfew works pretty good....alot of people says it works. Something else you might want to try to take on a daily basis is Calcium and Magnesium. Not in a combination, but separately. That works pretty good as well.

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