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(PRWEB) February 21, 2002





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A Japanese formulation comprised of seven Chinese herbs will be studied by Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center ( to determine its effect against liver cancer. The herbal formulation being tested, called Sho-Saiko-to (or H09 according to the Japanese government registration number), is manufactured and supplied by Honso Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.( in Nagoya Japan, with its US branch based in Tempe, Arizona.


This study is entitled "Sho-Saiko-To After Ablation for Non-Resectable Hepatocellular Carcinoma: A Phase II Trial with Historical Control". Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) has a poor prognosis, especially when surgical resection is contraindicated. Previous Japanese research on Sho-saiko-to has demonstrated its hepatoprotective, antiproliferative and immunostimulant effects in vitro. Moreover, in a randomized trial, cirrhotic patients receiving Sho-saiko-to had a lower incidence of developing HCC and greater survival compared to placebo. There is sufficient clinical pharmacokinetic and laboratory data on Sho-saiko-to, especially with respect to dosage, to warrant a Phase II trial. Sho-saiko-to?s in vitro, in vivo and clinical activity seems to be primarily to inhibit tumor proliferation rather than to kill tumor cells.


This clinical trial, under an IND approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA), uses a one-stage historical comparison design. Patients scheduled for ablative therapy will be assessed for eligibility, consented and administered 7.5 grams of granular extract per day of Sho-saiko-to. The outcome used to power the trial is survival at 15 months, the median survival of a historical cohort. For purposes of secondary analyses, liver function, alpha-fetoprotein and intervention-free survival will be compared between the treated cohort and historical data. The patients, approximately 80 in number, will be treated over a two year period, and then their progress followed for another year.


"We are very pleased to have had our product selected for study," stated Dr. Dan Wen, President of Honso USA, Inc., the US subsidiary of Honso Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. in Tempe, AZ. "And it's an added honor to be able to go directly into a Phase II study due to the overwhelming body of evidence that already exists on the successful use of Sho-Saiko-To in the past. We have demonstrated a high level of quality control and the excellent documentation supporting each facet of our manufacturing of Sho-saiko-to". Previously trained in the field of gastroenterology research at the Mayo Clinic and at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, Dr. Wen's expertise in both conventional and traditional medicine has helped spur on the rapid growth of Kampo medicine in the United States.


The Japanese herbal medicine that is known as Kampo is part of the East Asian Chinese medicine tradition. Kampo is fundamentally a clinical system based on the classical medical literature dating back to the Han Dynasty in ancient China. In Japan today, fully 75% of physicians use at least some of the traditional Kampo formulas, which are available in almost all pharmacies by prescription, or under the advice of specially trained pharmacists. Kampo research in Japan has always been more rigorous by western standards in the mold of conventional pharmaceutical research.


Kampo is different from "Western-style" herbology, which uses individual herbs or their standardized extraction. Kampo mixes together multiple raw herbs, according to specific ancient formulas, and then performs an extraction on the entire mixture. The combination of the specific herbs and this specific extraction processes creates a remedy far more effective than the total of each herb extracted individually. To emphasize this, each Honso® product label states the raw herb amounts as they are before the extraction process takes place. All this translates into the fact that Honso's Sho-saiko-to (H09) is of the highest quality available, ensuring accurate results in the study.


***Available Now in Natural Health Stores and to Health Practitioners*** Thanks to companies such as Honso Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd from Nagoya, Japan, these outstanding formulas are of the highest quality, as evidenced by being chosen for study. And the best news is that there are 17 of these formulas now available in the United States to consumers and practitioners as Honso USA's line of products with color-coded labels: Liver Kampo (a consumer version of the formula being studied), Nose Kampo, Head Kampo, Energy Kampo, Prostate Kampo, and product groupings called Kampo4Women, Kampo4Cold, Kampo4Digestive, and Kampo2Slim. Within the next few months, Honso will introduce its professional line of 23 therapeutic strength formulas including Sho-saiko-to, which will be available through licensed health care practitioners.


For further studies and more information about Honso Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. please call Dr. Dan Wen at Honso USA, Inc. at 480-377-8787 or visit the company's website at Press Contact: Linda Bryer, Bryer Advertising & Public Relations of California at 831-479-8725

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    "Cleanse That Colon" National Ad Campaign to Begin in Early 2007

    Philadelphia, Pa (PRWEB) October 12, 2006

    C.M.T. Enterprises, a recognized leader in the herbal well being care marketplace, is proud to announce our launch of the national ad campaign for it really is newest and most anticipated product.

    "Cleanse That Colon" is a revolutionary new triple action colon cleanse remedy. C.M.T. Enterprises will be partnering with The Residence Purchasing Group, the top direct response tv specialist. The House Buying Group, based in Boca Raton, Florida, is on the cutting edge of direct response television marketing. In addition, The House Buying Group will operate with Yahoo! Buying to launch a mass email campaign promoting the item to The Property Purchasing Group's vast compliment of current customers as nicely as other buyers in search of a all-natural way to regain control of their overall wellness. Collectively, The Home.Purchasing.Group.and Yahoo!, with their extensive on-line presense, have the distinctive capacity to industry "Cleanse That Colon" to a wide, but very targeted, range of demographics.

    In contrast to any other colon cleansing product on the industry today, "Cleanse That Colon" is the 1st and only "Triple Action Detox" obtainable. Taken daily, the proprietary blend of herbal ingredients is formulated to support, rid the body of constipation brought on by impacted fecal matter, kill all stages of several human parasites, and balance the bodies Ph to promote beneficial flora replacement. This makes it one of the most comprehensive colon cleansing goods accessible. The television spots, slated for release in Jan, 2007, will air on all the major networks as nicely as leading cable networks, sucessively via every single marketplace across the U.S.

    "Cleanse That Colon" can be ordered by way of their internet site,, as effectively as through Property Purchasing Group's site, "Cleanse That Colon" is intended to assist relieve the signs and symptoms of several human disorders which includes constipation and bloating, parasitic and yeast infections, irritable bowel syndrome, candidiasis as properly as a host of other chronic illness. A lot more comprehensive info is accessible on the internet at Wholesale and distributor inquiries are welcome. Copyright 2006 all rights reserved.

    The FDA has not evaluated these statements. Items featured here are not intended to diagnose, cure, stop or treat any illnesses. The statements contained herein are for informational purposes only, and are not meant to replace the recommendations of your physician. Those with health troubles or who are pregnant or nursing are advised to consult their physician ahead of taking these or any supplements.

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    Such statements contain, but are not restricted to, statements about the positive aspects of the organization mixture transaction involving CleanseThatColon and its subsidiaries, like long term financial and operating final results, the combined companies' plans, objectives, expectations and intentions and other statements that are not historical facts. Such statements are based upon the latest beliefs and expectations of the Company's management and are subject to substantial risks and uncertainties that could result in the Company's actual final results and financial position to differ materially from these statements. Such risks and uncertainties include, but are not limited to, the following: the capability of the Organization to acquire and keep any required financing for operations and other purposes (such as compliance with financial covenants) the capacity of the Company to maintain sufficient liquidity the impact of economic circumstances alterations in prevailing interest rates the capacity to attract and retain qualified personnel the capability of the Corporation to attract and retain clients the potential of the Company to get and keep commercially reasonable terms with vendors and service providers the cyclical nature of the healthcare market competitive practices in the market, labor charges, Insurance charges weather circumstances government legislation and regulation relations with unionized workers normally and the influence and outcome of the labor negotiations the influence of global instability such as the possible impact of latest and future hostilities, terrorist attacks, infectious illness outbreaks or other global events.

    The capability of the Company to fund and execute its enterprise program and other risks and uncertainties listed from time to time in the Company's reports. There may possibly be other variables not identified above of which the Corporation is not at the moment mindful that might impact matters discussed in the forward-seeking statements, and may possibly also trigger actual final results to differ materially from those discussed. The Organization assumes no obligation to publicly update any forward-seeking statement to reflect actual final results, adjustments in assumptions or adjustments in other variables affecting such estimates other than as needed by law.

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