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Ideal-Selling Book, The Thyroid Diet, Explains Why Oprah Winfrey Does not Need to have to Weight 200 Pounds

Kensington, MD (PRWEB) January five, 2009

Consideration is once more focused on the connection in between thyroid condition and weight issues, soon after speak display host Oprah Winfrey announced that she gained 40 pounds because her personal 1997 diagnosis of thyroid illness, and now weighs 200 pounds.

As a lot of as 50 million Americans have thyroid problems - and much more than half of them are undiagnosed. A lot of thyroid sufferers experience metabolism that is slowed to ranges that make dieting and excess weight loss seemingly unattainable.

Mary Shomon, nationally identified thyroid patient advocate, says that Oprah Winfrey, like millions of other American girls struggling with thyroid and excess weight issues, does not need to face this kind of an uphill battle. Shomon's New York Times best-selling book "The Thyroid Diet plan: Manage Your Metabolism for Lasting Weight Loss," is the only book to aid several previously unsuccessful dieters finally overcome this major - but usually overlooked -- impediment to weight loss. In depth information on "The Thyroid Diet," obtainable at the book's website, --- which also attributes a cost-free downloadable Ebook from Shomon, titled "Is Your Thyroid Producing You Fat?"

In "The Thyroid Diet regime," millions of frustrated dieters will learn that diagnosis and appropriate thyroid remedy could be all that is essential to successfully restore the metabolism to typical and commence to shed excess weight. "The Thyroid Diet program" functions a "Signs and symptoms Checklist," along with detailed suggestions on how to get diagnosed and effectively treated.

Correct remedy can be far a lot more difficult than individuals are led to believe. Oprah Winfrey has, in reality, revealed that she has stopped taking thyroid medicine since she did not feel much better.

Says Shomon: "Oprah's circumstance points out how difficult it can be to locate the right medication, at the correct dose, for the right quantity of time, or order to commence feeling the positive aspects. Many ladies are prescribed the popular thyroid drug, Synthroid, and if they don't really feel nicely a couple of weeks later, they think it is not working, and give up. As a substitute of abandoning thyroid therapy, thyroid sufferers need to know their possibilities, and how to navigate by way of the many remedy approaches to come across what will perform for them."

Shomon has summarized some essential points about Oprah's thyroid and weight loss circumstance in an article "The Six Reasons Why Oprah Winfrey Does not Have to Weigh 200 Pounds" -- located at at the popular thyroid site exactly where she has been Guide considering that 1997.

Even with the ideal possible diagnosis and therapy, weight loss can nonetheless be more difficult for thyroid patients. Says Shomon: "In The Thyroid Diet plan, I've put together the very best guidance from practitioners all around the nation - and the patients who have efficiently lost excess weight - on the thyroid treatment options, foods, approaches, dietary supplements, herbs, nutrients and physical exercise that can assist even the playing area for thyroid sufferers trying to shed weight."

"The Thyroid Diet program" was published to acclaim, reaching the New York Times Very best Seller List, the "Diet program and Excess weight Loss" Bestsellers List, and was a Quills award semi-finalist. "The Thyroid Diet program" also spent a lot more than a month in the Amazon's Best 100 Bestsellers list.

In "The Thyroid Diet plan" readers will understand...

Why much more than half of the nearly 30 million Americans with thyroid issues haven't been diagnosed The three physical indicators that almost guarantee you have an undiagnosed thyroid problem Why your medical professional is not most likely to test you for this frequent diet plan saboteur, and what you can do Why frequent "mini-meals" may possibly be the worst factor for your weight loss work Herbal remedy from Africa that can dramatically cut appetite, without having harmful side effects The so-known as "wellness meals" that Oprah - and millions of women - eats that could be sabotaging her diet program

"The Thyroid Diet regime" discusses optimal dietary changes, focusing on the "low-glycemic" diet plan -- the healthier evolution of the low-carb craze. Readers also discover about optimal timing of meals for maximum hormonal influence, thyroid-damaging foods to avoid, beneficial herbs and supplements, and more. The suggestions of quite a few nationally-known doctors and practitioners is featured in the book.

The book is made up of several distinct consuming plans, meals lists, and a set of delicious and healthful recipes. Useful worksheets aid in excess weight loss tracking, and a particular resource section attributes internet sites, books, and assistance groups.

Mary Shomon has transformed her very own well being challenges into more than a decade as America's major thyroid patient advocate, founder/editor of a series of well being newsletters, and founder/editor editor of her popular Thyroid-Info website , and guide to the Thyroid Disease website since 1997. She is author of a series of ideal-selling books on thyroid disease and health, like "Thyroid Hormone Breakthrough," "Living Effectively With Hypothyroidism," "Living Well With Autoimmune Condition," and "Living Effectively With Graves' Illness and Hyperthyroidism," amid others. Mary Shomon is a member of the Endocrine Society, the Association of Wellness Care Journalists, and the American Academy on Communication in Healthcare.

Key Thyroid Sources:

Thyroid-Info Website: Thyroid Website:
Thyroid Diet plan:
Thyroid Newsletters:


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    New Book on The Meaning of Tea Showcases Wisdom of Tea Lovers from Around the Globe

    The Meaning of Tea

    New York, NY (PRWEB) August 25, 2009

    An illuminating new book reveals timeless insights into the wellbeing and life-style rewards of the five,000 year-old tea drinking tradition by way of interviews with tea lovers, growers, tasters, scholars and experts from eight nations. An exploration of the background, well being positive aspects, rituals, spirituality and simple pure enjoyment of tea, The That means of Tea: A Tea Inspired Journey, by Scott Chamberlin Hoyt, edited and with commentary by noted writer Phil Cousineau, delivers unprecedented way of life wisdom ideally suited for our modern culture facing the stress of financial uncertainty.

    Culled from a lot more than 50 conversations with tea pickers and plantation owners, street sellers, traders, teapot makers and eloquent tea scholars from many areas where tea is revered--from India to Ireland and Taiwan to Tea, South Dakota--readers understand about how tea has brought peace, calm, wellness, friendship and frequently wisdom into their lives. The Which means of Tea makes clear, that even though tea is much more common than ever--the wholesale value of the U.S. tea industry has enhanced more than 400% because 1990*--it is still an underutilized supply of health, solace, and friendship for the contemporary globe.

    Scott Chamberlin Hoyt, director of the Which means of Tea project, is a man on a mission to spread the which means of tea. "Our dream is to open the hearts and souls of these looking for fresh insight about the art of living in today's more and more virtual society," he reflects. "The That means of Tea project delivers an unprecedented assortment of perspectives in an effort to enrich lives and broaden human awareness. We sincerely think that by means of our operate, the great and frequently overlooked mysteries of tea could grow to be readily available to the larger neighborhood around the globe."

    "When we drink tea with other folks we shorten the distance in between folks," reveals Feng Ming-Chung, a grower of Bao Zhong tea in The That means of Tea. Beyond its social virtues, this kind of as companionship and aesthetic pleasure, tea has been credited as a remedy for daily concerns, this kind of as sluggishness, lassitude, fogginess, and lack of alertness and concentration. In reality, in one particular of the very 1st texts that mention tea, the traditional Shen Nong Herbal, it is written, "Drinking it one particular can feel quicker, rest less, move lighter, and see clearer."

    In The Which means of Tea, tea farmer Wu Sheng-Ben from Taiwan brings a unique insight into the restorative powers of tea when he recommends people focus on their heart when they drink tea. For him, health benefits are primary, emphasizing how it reduces the risk of diabetes, bringing a sheen to the skin, and rejuvenates the drinker by way of its detoxifying properties. Mr. Ben insists that tea drinking also encourages friendship because it calms the spirits and lessens the tendency toward anger in human interactions, which he feels is the most crucial of all its advantages.

    And we understand that tea can "expel the dourness," the gloominess or sullenness that can make our hearts heavy. Tea affects our moods, by dint of its sheer chemistry but also by simplifying our lives, allowing room for everyday pleasure, and by "inducing inspiration," in the words of James Norwood Pratt, a highly respected American tea scholar in The That means of Tea. Pratt believes that tea has been a single of the fantastic "civilizing forces" in human background, serving as "our solace in solitude," and inviting us in to participate in "the oldest fraternity on the planet," these men and women whose lives have been transformed by tea.

    Illustrated with more than 150 photographs, The That means of Tea celebrates tea as the beverage of option of civilized cultures for 1000's of years. Editor Phil Cousineau says there is no better time for the rest of us to adapt the practices of tea drinkers, "Thinking about that the fallout of our weakened economic system includes millions of stressed-out, overstretched people, this book delivers a simple avenue to wellness, calm and that means via tea." *Source: Tea Association of the U.S.A.

    About The Meaning of Tea Project
    The Which means of Tea project is an ongoing, tea-inspired journey that celebrates the history, rituals, spirituality and easy pure enjoyment of tea by means of the eyes of tea lovers from numerous spots about the world. The project aims to bring to light the mysteries of the world's favored beverage to larger audiences, and, as tea has carried out for the last fifty centuries, to stimulate health, friendship and neighborhood. The Meaning of Tea: A Tea Inspired Journey (ISBN-13 978--615-20442- $ 24.95 Trade Paperback with French Flaps 362 pp 150 photographs Speaking Leaves Press September 2009), is a collection of insights about tea from close to the world. The function-length documentary that inspired the book, also titled The Meaning of Tea (ISBN 978--615-20441-three $ 24.95 74 minutes Tea Dragon Films 2008), is a poignant search by means of India, Japan, Taiwan, Morocco, England, France, Ireland, and even Tea, South Dakota for glimpses into the secret character of tea. For more data and to view further movie trailers, check out The That means of Tea Web site. The Which means of Tea's soundtrack, Music of Tea (ISBN 978--615-20443-7 $ 14.95 2008), is a compilation of tea-inspired globe music like tracks composed by Joel Douek and Eric Czar and featuring the song "Marco Polo" written and carried out by Loreena McKennitt. To learn about upcoming film screenings and writer occasions, visit The That means of Tea on Facebook or stick to us on Twitter.

    Tour Dates:
    Scott Chamberlin Hoyt and Phil Cousineau will be in the San Francisco Bay Region September 4 via September 10, 2009, and New York, NY October 14 by way of October 19, 2009, for booksigning and screening events. To routine an interview and/or to request a assessment copy of The Meaning of Tea book or film, please send an e-mail to the press speak to.

    To Order:
    To acquire a book, DVD or CD, check out The Which means of Tea on the web shop. If you are a retailer or wholesaler, please call Tea Dragon Films at 212-691-8899.


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      15 Cancer Physicians from 5 Nations Reveal Prime Integrative Treatment options in New Book

      Paperback book, 442 pages, $ 39.95

      South Lake Tahoe, CA (PRWEB) May 16, 2011

      For cancer individuals, the daunting challenge of deciding on the best remedy methodology has just been produced easier by the publication of a new book, entitled, Defeat Cancer: Fifteen Physicians of Integrative and Naturopathic Medicine Tell You How.

      Written by wellness care journalist Connie Strasheim, the book is based on interviews with fifteen cancer doctors from 5 countries, and provides cutting-edge data on some of the most effective cancer remedies in integrative and naturopathic medicine. It was written for both sufferers and wellness care practitioners.

      Check out to study a cost-free sample chapter.

      Interested parties may possibly order free informational book flyers.

      Sorting by way of the dozens of obtainable treatment options in traditional and option medicine was the dilemma that writer and journalist Connie Strasheim set out to resolve when she teamed up with internationally-recognized publisher, BioMed Publishing Group, to write the book.

      “I knew that cancer physicians who practice integrative medicine—and who have a good track record in assisting sufferers, even these with late-stage cancers, to reside for years past their original diagnosis—would have the most helpful insights into which therapies had been giving individuals the very best final results, so this quickly seemed like it would be a useful project,” Ms. Strasheim mentioned of her decision to operate on the book. “I also knew that for a cancer patient to in fact discover and interview a significant number of these doctors would be each impractical and expensive, requiring travel across the world and thousands of dollars in plane tickets, hotel rooms, and doctor’s appointment fees. Conducting intensive interviews with fifteen doctors from 5 nations was a lot of function, but the details it produced was incredibly valuable.”

      In spite of much more than $ 250 billion spent on cancer analysis above the previous sixty many years, the remedy rate attained by conventional medicine hasn’t significantly enhanced since 1950.

      Doctors who deal with cancer with integrative medicine (“integrative” simply implies the mixture of conventional and substitute therapies) have had far more favorable outcomes in numerous circumstances, as evidenced by the outcomes reported in the book, as well as the testimonials of the hundreds or thousands of patients they have handled. Some of the physicians have claimed accomplishment prices upwards of 50 percent in treating terminal cancers, where “success” is defined as individuals either attaining remission or living well with their cancers for many years. However, several of the most helpful integrative treatment options are not well-known to the public due to the influence of medical politics, insurance firms, and pharmaceutical interests.

      The fifteen physician interviewees chosen for the book incorporate health-related physicians, osteopaths, and naturopaths who deal with cancer either exclusively or as a major part of their practice. They have been trained in a assortment of medical disciplines such as, but not limited to, allopathic (conventional), naturopathic, homeopathic, biological, and Conventional Chinese medicine. All use confirmed answers for managing and healing individuals with late-stage cancers of a lot of sorts.

      Physician Interviewees:

      Stanislaw Burzynski, MD, PhD—Houston, Texas
      Robert Zieve, MD—Prescott, Arizona
      Nicholas Gonzalez, MD—New York, New York
      Finn Scott Anderson, MD—Humlebæk, Denmark
      Juergen Winkler, MD—Oceanside, California
      Elio M. Rivera-Celaya, MD and his assistant Steven Hines—Ciudad Acuña, Coahuila, Mexico
      Colleen Huber, NMD—Tempe, Arizona
      Robert Eslinger, DO—Reno, Nevada
      Martin Dayton, DO—Sunny Isles Seaside, Florida
      Nina Reis, MD—Bad Mergentheim, Germany
      Julian Kenyon, MD—London, England
      Constantine Kotsanis, MD—Grapevine, Texas
      Joe Brown, ND—Tempe, Arizona
      Keith Scott-Mumby, MD—Reno, Nevada
      Chad Aschtgen, ND—Seattle, Washington

      Each of the book’s 15 chapters is devoted to the treatment strategy of a certain physician, and covers the following topics:

      1) Anti-neoplastic (anti-cancer) treatments targeted at lowering or eliminating cancer cells and tumors. These contain every little thing from IPT (Insulin Potentiation Therapy) and gene-targeted therapies, to metronomic chemotherapy, mistletoe, large-dose Vitamin C, sono and photodynamic treatment, dendritic cell vaccines, and intravenous nutrients. The physicians also answer the query, “What is cancer and what causes it?”

      2) How to assistance and heal the body throughout and after cancer treatment options. Integrated is information on diet plan, detoxification, vitamin and herbal supplements, hormone therapies, homeopathic treatments, allergy therapies, physical exercise and other physical therapies, as effectively as further supportive therapies.

      3) Elements that influence healing, which includes finances, way of life habits, psycho-emotional tension, previous treatments, and co-morbid conditions. Ideas are offered for individuals with restricted financial sources.

      four) How to avoid cancer in the very first spot, and/or retain it from returning as soon as individuals are in remission or efficiently managing their cancers.

      five) Why health-related politics have limited people’s access to efficient treatments, and why understanding this is important when looking for a cancer medical professional.

      six) Risky and/or ineffective approaches to cancer treatment.

      7) Suggestions for how loved ones and friends can assist their loved ones with cancer.

      eight) The therapy outcomes that the doctors have with their sufferers.

      9) Patient and practitioner challenges to healing and how to overcome them.

      10) How to heal past trauma and psycho-emotional problems that contribute to illness.

      Writer Connie Strasheim believes that the finish result of practically a year of function on the book project will help cancer patients to much better comprehend their possibilities. “The book puts tough-to-come across, practical remedy information in 1 place. It is perfect for individuals who have just started out researching their therapy options simply because it translates complicated medical concepts into clear, down-to-earth language that most anybody can realize. But it will also be helpful to seasoned researchers who have understanding of numerous therapies, due to the fact it consists of the nuanced knowledge of genuine medical doctors who operate in a real clinical atmosphere. If one particular of my family members or pals have been diagnosed with cancer, I would want them to have access to this sort of info.”

      The paperback book contains 443 pages and retails for $ 39.95. It is accessible from or immediately from the publisher at, or by calling (530) 573-0190. Readers can go to the web site to browse more than 50 pages of sample content.

      Interested parties may possibly order free of charge informational book flyers right here.

      BioMed Publishing Group is located in South Lake Tahoe, CA, and specializes in books and DVDs on option medicine, with a specific focus on persistent illnesses such as cancer, Lyme illness, and mercury poisoning. Go on the internet to for more data on our cancer publications, or for our Lyme illness publications.


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        Belief Can Have Physical Effects According to New Book on Salem Witch Hysteria

        Richmond, VA (PRWEB) August 29, 2006

        Self-help authors have sold millions of books touting the power of constructive thinking. But damaging considering can have energy, too, according to prizewinning author Stephen Hawley Martin in his new book, “A Witch in the Loved ones,” about the Salem witch trials.

        “What it comes down to is belief,” Martin mentioned. “Belief is extremely potent. For example, the effectiveness of placebos has been demonstrated time and once again in double-blind scientific tests. A report that came out four years ago says that right after 1000's of studies, hundreds of millions of prescriptions and tens of billions of dollars in sales, sugar tablets are as successful at treating depression as antidepressants this kind of as Prozac, Paxil and Zoloft. What's a lot more, placebos bring about profound changes in the identical regions of the brain these medicines are said to influence — according to this research. For anyone who might have believed otherwise, this proves beyond doubt that thoughts and beliefs can and do generate physical changes in our bodies.”

        The same analysis reports that placebos typically outperform the medicines they're up against. For example, in a trial conducted in April, 2002, comparing the herbal remedy St. John's wort to Zoloft, St. John's wort entirely cured 24 percent of the depressed folks who received it. Zoloft cured 25 %. But the placebo completely cured 32 percent.

        “Taking what 1 believes to be genuine medicine sets up the expectation of benefits,” Martin stated, “and what a person believes will happen normally does occur. It is been confirmed, for instance, that in cultures where belief exists in voodoo or magic, folks will in fact die following currently being cursed by a shaman. This kind of a curse has no energy on an outsider who does not think.”

        Martin mentioned he believes belief played a function in the Salem witch hysteria. He thinks the individuals who accused other folks of witchcraft really believed they had been bewitched. So did every person else involved. Even the men and women who have been accused of currently being witches believed so –– even though, if they were innocent, they might have thought someone else aside from them was responsible.

        “I when saw an experiment regarding belief carried out prior to the tv cameras of the Discovery Cable Television Network,” Martin stated. “In this case, two subjects participated in the exact same ESP experiment in the same laboratory employing the exact same gear. Excellent pains had been taken to maintain everything identical except for 1 factor. One particular subject believed ESP worked, and the other did not. The researcher who believed in ESP had a statistically important number of right hits, which means the experiment was profitable. But the amount of appropriate hits by the skeptical researcher fell inside of parameters that could be accounted for by opportunity. Belief made the big difference. Every researcher got the outcome he anticipated.”

        A wonderful deal of anecdotal evidence supports this obtaining. Researchers into the paranormal report that even the presence of somebody who flatly does not think can derail this kind of an experiment. Belief, it looks, might be a requisite for at least some paranormal phenomena to take place.

        “Perhaps this is the reason non believers hardly ever encounter something that would lead them to doubt their position as skeptics,” Martin stated.

        Martin has won several national awards and prizes for his novels. The complete title of his new book, which was published by The Oaklea Press, is “A Witch in the Household: An Award-Winning Author Investigates His Ancestor’s Trial and Execution.” It presents a shocking but plausible new theory, primarily based on the concept that belief has power, of what was behind the witch hysteria in Massachusetts. The book can be purchased at the publisher’s internet internet site,, or at Search ISBN 189253844X.

        To discover more about Stephen Hawley Martin, go to


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          Get more info on Headache Soothe - Homeopathic remedy temporarily relieves acute symptoms of headaches

          New Book Probes Science Behind Nutraceuticals

          (PRWEB) July 21, 2001

          ARLINGTON, Va. - AAPS Press, a division of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS), announces the publication of a book that explores the science and high quality issues of nutraceuticals. Examining The Science Behind Nutraceuticals: Proceedings of the AAPS Dietary Dietary supplements Forum features presentations by foremost pharmaceutical scientists and physicians in sector and academia, leading association executives, and an official from the National Institutes of Wellness (NIH). The forum was held June 28-30, 200 in Washington, DC.

          The use of herbal dietary dietary supplements, also identified as nutraceuticals, is 1 of the most rapidly developing types of self-medication in the United States and the world. Americans spent nearly $ 4 billion on supplements in 1998, up from $ 1.6 billion in 1994, according to the American Botanical Council. Dietary dietary supplements do not undergo the rigorous testing demanded by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for drugs and are subject to number of controls on top quality and purity. As a result, tiny is acknowledged about their effectiveness, optimal dosage, side effects or interactions with other medicines.

          Because several claims are currently being produced about the broadly variable goods, there is confusion in the marketplace. This book addresses important inquiries about dietary dietary supplements that want to be asked and answered.

          The aim of the AAPS Dietary Supplements Forum and book, as stated by Larry Augsburger, Ph.D., chair of the AAPS Dietary Dietary supplements Advisory Board and forum chair, is to "gain a far better understanding of the science and quality problems of dietary dietary supplements and advertise the formulation of new scientific initiatives to take away any barriers to the formation of public policy and establishment of proper, rational standards that safeguard shoppers."

          In his welcoming remarks, Augsburger, a former AAPS president, cautions buyers that reading labels and comparing prices are not the ideal means to decide a dietary supplement's effectiveness and side effects. He stresses that buyers need to have to engage in crucial pre-buy investigation on any dietary supplement they wish to buy. Augsburger offers guidance to consumers on how to shield themselves from possibly risky or possibly ineffective products.

          A key problem discussed contains regardless of whether vitamins or herbal treatments can lose their effectiveness. They can, but shoppers do not know when merchandise expire simply because the FDA, which regulates the drug sector, does not require expiration dates for dietary dietary supplements. So how do buyers know when merchandise have lost their potency? A professor of meals science and engineering at the University of Minnesota addresses the situation of shelf life testing for dietary supplements.

          Other crucial concerns addressed in the book contain:

          Regulatory implications of the 1994 Dietary Supplement Health Education Act (DSHEA) and FDA plans for its implementation

          Present standing and challenges of validating the wellbeing rewards and risks of dietary supplements

          Challenges of educating each wellness care experts and customers about dietary supplements

          Extraction strategies, analytical challenges and other issues/difficulties involved in standardizing botanical extracts

          Scientific barriers to establishing acceptable specifications for the manufacture, product good quality and efficiency of dietary supplements.

          The proceedings from the AAPS Dietary Dietary supplements Forum characteristic presentations, panel discussions and question-and-answer sessions in a practical, reader-friendly format.

          Some of the Presenters integrated:

          Paul M. Coates, Ph.D., Director, Workplace of Dietary Supplements, NIH

          Roger L. Williams, M.D., President and CEO, United States Pharmacopeia

          Derrick M. DeSilva, Jr., M.D., President, American Nutraceutical Association

          Joseph M. Betz, Ph.D., Vice President, American Herbal Products Association

          Larry D. Lawson, Ph.D., Analysis Director, Plant Bioactives Research Institute

          David S. Hungerford, M.D., Department of Orthopedic Surgical treatment, Johns Hopkins University

          Bernadette M. Marriott, Ph.D., Vice President, Applications &amp Communications, Burroughs Wellcome Fund

          About AAPS

          AAPS is a skilled, scientific society of much more than 11,000 members employed in academia, industry, government and other analysis institutes globally. For a lot more data about AAPS, pay a visit to AAPS Pharmaceutica at

          EDITOR'S NOTE: For additional data, contact Debbie Werfel at 703-248-4743, or Jim Greif at 703-248-4744,


          Examining The Science Behind Nutraceuticals:

          Proceedings of the AAPS Dietary Dietary supplements Forum

          American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS), AAPS PRESS

          ISBN #-9711767--1 soft cover, 392 pages, photographs, charts and graphs

          Publication Date: August 2001

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            Thousands Succeed in Overcoming Their Drinking Dilemma With an Alcohol Recovery Book Numerous Felt Would Fail

            ANCHORAGE (PRWEB) March 23, 2006

            March 28 marks the one-year anniversary of Roberta Jewell’s stunningly successful “My Way Out”, a self-aid book describing an innovative program for difficulty drinkers—a book that conventional publishers wrote off long prior to it ever hit the press.

            “It’s genuine,” says, Jewell, whose 153-page text frequently outranks other books in its genre on Amazon every week. “The 1st literary agent I pitched it to told me I knew nothing at all about publishing and less about organization. She advised I think about writing a magazine write-up as a substitute.”

            Jewell jokes that she’s believed about sending the agent her book with a thank you note and a copy of the two Newsweek Magazine pieces in which it’s been featured, along with a clipping from the Wall Street Journal, where it was also talked about this year.

            As far as business goes, the firm who now represents her has branded her nutritional items and says sales are doubling each and every other month. Their research and assistance website,, gets nearly 6,000 hits a day and is the highest visitors online assistance forum of its sort. It boasts above half a million page views so far. Finishing touches are now becoming created on a “My Way Out” infomercial and a new corporate site underneath development will consist of a weblog with podcasts and interviews featuring addiction researchers, physicians and nutrition professionals say business reps.

            So why all the buzz when most new authors’ books sit quietly in shrink wrapped storage?

            Jewell, who still uses her pen name to defend her family’s privacy, says the dilemma she suffered for many years is exceedingly pervasive. And it strikes these who are often most reluctant to seek support.

            “To be sincere, I by no means wanted to tell anyone about my problem and I surely by no means aspired to write a book about it,” she says. “But I felt pretty driven to share this info when I discovered far more. For instance, there are four difficulty drinkers for every single difficult core alcoholic. That is a staggering statistic. And I had grow to be a single of those statistics. Right here I was, a highly functional difficulty drinker an executive, and like a lot of other pros, I wasn’t comfortable with AA and I didn’t want to go into therapy. But my drinking was draining the life out of me. It was also draining me of my self respect.”

            Jewell was recognized by her peers as a proficient researcher and had aided a number of close friends and loved ones members over the years with their wellness problems. But she had been incapable of discovering a remedy to her addiction. She says she had self-experimented for years with several facets of the plan she eventually created, such as amino acid therapy and herbal treatments. She was also prescribed a medication in the early 90s which was purported to block the wish to drink. But the effects were brief lived and it was not the magic bullet she’d hoped.

            The catalyst came in two unlikely events which occurred about the same time. A British medical journal published a 2003 study announcing good results with a new anti-craving medication. It piqued Jewell’s interest and she raised the subject among pals at a dinner celebration quickly afterwards. It led to a lively conversation about clinical hypnotherapy and its application to addiction. The seed was planted and following follow up study, Jewell added medication and classic hypnotherapy to the existing program she had now refined, which incorporated specialized nutritional supplements and light physical exercise. For the initial time, a blended therapeutic approach—much like that available to diabetics or coronary heart condition patients—would be applied to addiction.

            The program worked. Jewell discovered herself released from her alcohol craving virtually right away. She quietly began sharing her therapy with other individuals and identified they experienced comparable benefits. She speedily broadened her plan, partnering with an MD and addiction specialist who now serves as medical director of the My Way Out plan. Then came the book. Jewell continues to provide investigation and online assistance and works closely in all facets of product improvement.

            As the 12-week plan gains popularity, an rising quantity of patients have begun approaching their household physicians about it. While optional, several of them want to incorporate the prescription medication, often Topamax or Campral, and soon the injectable Naltrexone will grow to be offered. The program itself is simply administered. The initial six weeks involves a specific regimen of nutritional supplements to address withdrawal and craving. A 30 day system of self-hypnosis recordings, completed at home, helps with behavior modification. And a light workout program improves mood and can avert relapse.

            Support—critical to recovery—is strongly endorsed. My Way Out’s internet stats bear out the recognition of anonymous on the web fellowship where, ironically, members share their most private moments about the shame they felt whilst drinking. Over ten,000 archived messages can be viewed, free of charge of charge, by anyone with net access. They’re posted by the two ‘veterans’ and ‘newbies’ alike. Visitors verify in regularly from all corners of the globe, issuing calls for help, sobriety status reports or easy messages of camaraderie. The group is fiercely loyal in their help of 1 an additional.

            Jewell is a bit overwhelmed by it all. “It’s been the most outstanding year,” she says. “I in no way, ever would have imagined it. I only set out to save myself. So to see this response, to know that this has touched a chord with thousands of individuals is really rather remarkable. I have to say it is the most gratifying feeling. There are just no words for it, really.”


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              New Site and Book Promote Wellbeing and Enlightenment: Sources of Light and Truth

              Escaping Religion...

              Grandville, MI (PRWEB) April 2, 2011

              Devoted to all things uplifting and enlightening, Mary March Newell promotes her not too long ago published book: Escaping Religion Peeking Behind the Veil, the Correct Story of a Born and Raised, BYU Attending, Mission Serving, Temple Sealing, Mother of six, Mormon Girl, Who Saw Her Way By means of the Maze to See That ALL Organized Religions Need to Fail, So That We Can All Be One With God &amp Each Other, as effectively as another upcoming publication. The site,, is committed to the purpose behind Newell's books, as well as other merchandise, tips, solutions, and a lot a lot more that support folks improve their lives--objects and concepts that increase longevity, prepare men and women for self-sufficiency, and much more.

              "We are devoted to Sources of Light and Truth! Data that will enlighten you, or improve your health, or enhance your life!" summarizes Newell.

              In Escaping Religion…, Newell addresses some interesting points about organized religion of all sorts, and also points out some historical inaccuracies and other accepted tenants about religion that don't measure up upon closer inspection, such as:

              The sources of those "warm fuzzies"
              What causes the "Burning in your bosom"
              Which two churches actually exist
              Whose priesthoods are talked about in the temple
              What "prophets" know and do not know in their own words
              Exactly where to locate the full translation for the Egyptian hieroglyphics that are in the Pearl of Excellent Value

              "With regards to the book Escaping Religion..., I offer you nine quite clear and straightforward to prove reasons why the 'church' Cannot be 'true' in Chapter six. Listen to #1 on my YouTube video promoting the book," adds Newell.

              The video accessible here delivers a personal statement by Newell prefacing the points in depth in the book. The site also characteristics items associated to the book, such as bumper stickers, mugs, and decorative wall plaques. These objects function uplifting quotes, this kind of as: "It is a hazardous point to assume that you have ALL Truth. Then you Quit Looking."

              "I truly want folks of ALL faiths and walks of life to study my book. I really feel that I have place collectively a number of pieces that will make the entire organized religion image fall into location. There is one thing in there for everyone, LDS or not. One thing that will uplift and inspire you, and that will give a good course to head in for individuals of all faiths who have become disillusioned by the belief program that they were raised in," states Newell.

              Yet another apropos point produced in the video as effectively as the book is the current debate on marriage. Newell fleshes out tips that relate to what is considered a biblical marriage and also addresses the government's role in defining marriage. She poses a historically and biblically correct remedy to the hot subject of the definition of marriage.

              Newell's second publication is Selecting Up Hitch Hikers Life With no Concern!

              The website also promotes a handful of well being and wellness goods, such as household emergency medical kits and long term normal breast enhancement, info relating to Quantum Touch, organic herbal remedies, important oils, and more. The next endeavor in personal wellness is a line of designer swimsuits that are both modest and trendy.

              The recently published Escaping Religion…is at present accessible on and more details about spirituality, life improvement and wellness, and a host of other uplifting tidbits are available at EscapingReligion.information.

              About Mary Newell, Queen

              By means of her book, site, and promotion of select items and concepts, Mary March Newell is committed to all points that will uplift people's spirits and improve their lives. She is devoted to assisting other folks find freedom and truth on their own paths. Prior to this endeavor, she served as a Russian speaking LDS missionary from 1993 to 1995, taught ESL professionally and homeschooled her six young children. She is also a educated remote viewer and a certified Quantum Touch professional.

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                S.K Research Group Announces 'The Comprehensive E.D. Guide Book: The Crucial Guide to Overcoming Erectile Dysfunction'

                Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) February 26, 2008

                Believed to be the very best accessible eBook to offer up to date, accurate, and easy to study info about men's troubles associated with Erectile Dysfunction, The Total E.D. Guide Book: The Crucial guide to Overcome Erectile Dysfunction, co-written and edited by businessman Mel Green, is now obtainable.

                "I was struck with E.D. numerous years ago and I was too embarrassed to go to a doctor and couldn't uncover good answers to the distinct concerns I had relating to Erectile Dysfunction," stated Green. "So I set on a mission to gather data from researchers, urologists and experts familiar with E.D. -- Basically all their expertise is placed in this one easy guide book."

                This book researched by men for males was written plain English and cuts straight to the chase in a practical Query and Answer format covering an array of topics from the effectiveness of Viagra, Cialis and Levitra to methods of prevention of E.D. and even to what excellent size penis most girls prefer. Other locations the book explores consist of what herbal treatments are offered to aid males conquer E.D., how to self diagnose E.D. as effectively as unbiased information on the several products that claim to help males perform better sexually.

                "The beauty of this book is that men no longer have to really feel uneasy about acquiring information about E.D. from their associates, loved ones, spouse or medical doctor -- this comprehensive book provides them all the latest information accessible to access in total privacy," stated Green. "I do not think there are any other books out there that cover so many distinct questions males have about E.D., you truly do not have to go anyplace else to find out about E.D. period."

                For a restricted time when buyers buy The Total E.D. Guidebook they will also obtain a free copy of Overcoming Premature Ejaculation: How to Regain Sexual Self-confidence and Final Longer in Bed. An unique new eBook manual produced especially for guys who would like to final longer in bed. The Total E.D. Guidebook: The Vital guide to Overcome Erectile Dysfunction is published by S.K. Investigation Group LLC and offered for order at

                Founded in 2000, S.K. Research Group LLC is a commercial and Men's well being publishing firm primarily based in Los Angeles, California.

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                  Question by taintedlove254: hunting for a genuinely good herbal remedy book.? i cant uncover a god herbal remedy book.That is really simple and in depth . i'm hunting for a greater version of a book like herbally yours by penny c. royal. It is Effortless and basic but i want or detail and does and donts

                  Ideal answer:

                  Answer by E M
                  Nicely, there are very a few excellent ones that come to mind. My personal preferred, and one particular I refer to as "The Bible" is Healing With Entire Foods by Paul Pitchford. This book is exceptional for several causes, it is a really thorough and in depth reference book (descriptions of many herbal treatments, the notion of five elements and the physique, nutritional information on a significant variety of fruits, vegetables and grains as nicely as complimentary recipes) and is also extremely user friendly and easy to comprehend.

                    Know greater? Leave your personal answer in the comments!

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                    Chris Kilham to attribute Tongkat Ali and LJ100 in his upcoming book HOT PLANTS and documentary. The analysis for these works sponsored by Herbal Powers, Inc.

                    (PRWEB) Could 24, 2003

                    Herbal Powers announces an agreement with Chris Kilham for on-website discovery of Tongkat Ali and LJ100TM Tongkat Ali extract. Kilham will be collecting last study in MalaysiaÂ?s rainforest for his upcoming book Hot Plant. Simultaneously, he will be filming an educational documentary that will be aired in Southeast Asia for 3 weeks. A short version of the film will be obtainable in DVD or CD-Rom format.

                    Chris heavily researching Tongkat Ali for some time and started working with Herbal Powers simply because of their deep ties in Malaysia at the heart of study on the plant. Hot Plant and the DVD is targeted to be on bookshelves in the fall of this year.

                    Â?Given the depth of research findings on Tongkat Ali and its more potent extracts, we think that there are many prospective rewards for people outdoors of its indigenous Southeast Asia,Â? explains Annie Eng, President of Herbal Powers. Â?We are excited to be working with Chris and think his background as an unbiased advocate of really efficacious herbs will support to spread the word about this incredible plant.Â?

                    Chris Kilham is a medicine hunter, author and educator. The founder of Medicine Hunter Inc., Chris has performed medicinal research in India, China, Siberia, Brazil, Venezuela, Peru, Vanuatu South Pacific, Lebanon, Syria, Ghana, Austria, and the US. Chris teaches ethnobotany at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and conducts botanical educational applications for the all-natural items trade and the media.

                    Chris has worked with numerous businesses to create and popularize traditional plant-based meals and medicinal goods into marketplace successes. These successes include kava, maca, horny goat weed, catuaba, tamanu oil, herbal beverages and dozens of other plants.

                    Chris is the author of twelve books, like Psyche Delicacies, and Tales From The Medicine Trail the two published by Rodale Press, and Kava, Medicine Hunting in Paradise. Chris writes articles on plant medicines for a number of publications, and is Prevention MagazineÂ?s Â?Herb Hunter.Â?

                    Chris lectures extensively on holistic health and botanical medicines, all through the United States and abroad. He held the diplomatic post of Honorary Consul to the United States for the Republic Of Vanuatu from 1997 through 2000. Chris has been featured in numerous newspaper and magazine content articles which includes Wall Street Journal, Parade, Boston Herald, Vogue, Organic Wellness and MenÂ?s Wellness, and hosted his very own wellness-oriented speak radio applications in the Boston region for five years. An avid body surfer and adventure traveler, Chris lives and functions in Massachusetts.

                    Herbal Powers, Inc. situated in Chicago, Illinois is dedicated to delivering Â?NatureÂ?s Best RemediesÂ? to the North American Market place. Herbal Powers is the first vendor of Tongkat Ali Raw Supplies in the United States and presents a wide range of raw powders and extracts. Their flagship item, LJ100TM is the most potent, standardized extract accessible and has been scientifically tested to improve Serum testosterone ranges by 100% in as tiny as 10 days. SourceOne Global is the distributor of Herbal Powers Raw Components in the US market.

                    Tongkat Ali works by affecting the feedback cycle controlled by the gonadotropins. As such it safely operates with the body to improve testosterone with no risk of aromatization to estrogen. Other researched medicinal properties of this plant incorporate use as for anti-aging, pain alleviation, andropause relief, libido enhancement, fertility, allergic relief, and power improvement.

                    For further data or interviews, make contact with 312.850.1288 or

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