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    Wewant you to be wholesome! Hello and welcome to pureBalance Wellness Centre, Mississauga's premiere Wellness Centre which is located by the lake in the heart of scenic Port Credit where our individuals learn the balance in their lives. Our warm and inviting wellness centre delivers the solutions of a lot of all-natural health specialists. Our health specialist team Consists of, Naturopathic Medical professionals, Registered Massage Therapists, Nutritionist, Chiropractor, Power Healer, Licensed Life Coaches, Personalized trainer and far more. The Clinic pureBalance Wellness Centre 106 Lakeshore Road East, Unit 106C Mississauga, Ontario L5G 1E3 Electronic mail: Telephone: 905-891-3865 start_of_the_skype_highlighting 905-891-3865 finish_of_the_skype_highlighting commence_of_the_skype_highlighting 905-891-3865 end_of_the_skype_highlighting Fax: 905-891-5019 Hours of Operation Monday -Thursday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm Friday: 9:00 am - five:00 pm Saturday: 9:00 am to 12:00 pm Sunday: Closed Clinic Information Handicap Accessible Cost-free Parking Paid Street Metered Parking GO Transit Access Mississauga Transit Access Scent Free Environment Green Driven Environmentally Friendly Building Neighborhood Proud In the Heart of Port Credit Video clips By: Kevin Jackal Johnston & Mike Pernokis. Filming & Editing By: Mike Pernokis Alternative Medicine, Cancer Treatment, Chiropractor, Detoxification, Detox, Dietary, Energy Healer, Power Medicine, Fertility, Wellness, Health Care, Well being Specialist, Herbal Medicine ... Watch-Video-Here

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    default Colon Health Reviews | Colon Cleanse Reviews| Colon Care Comprehensive Colon health details and critiques.Herbal Colon Cleansing, Natural Colon Cleanse, Colonic Cleansing, Colon Treatment and All Colon Cleansing remedy readily available from medical to home remedies at This video does not belong to this site. Watch-Video-Here

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      default Hair Color & Hair Care : Home Remedies to Treat Damaged Hair

        A home remedy to treat damaged hair of all kinds is to apply mayonnaise from root to tip, wrap the head in saran wrap, and apply heat to the covered hair to open up the hair follicles. Condition the hair using mayonnaise, shampooing as usual after 20 minutes, with information from a professional... Watch-Video-Here

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        default Facial Skin Care : How to Make an Herbal Facial

          An herbal facial can support purify, smooth and rejuvenate the skin. Make an herbal facial mask with ideas from a beauty editor in this free video on facial skin care. Specialist: Jackie Silver Contact: Bio: Jackie Silver is the owner of Aging Backwards, and has been functioning... Watch-Video-Here

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          default Outer nutrition  Skin care  herbalife

   ---click here to understand a lot more about herbalife items and company oportunity. If you are seeking for merchandise that truly work, you want to boost your health, functionality, handle weight, experience far more power, detox your body, nourish your skin, make an further revenue or achive monetary freedom you come to the correct location http Watch-Video-Here

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            default High tech health care: ASYRA, biomeridian stress testing.

              ASYRA: In a position to scan your physique for hefty metals like mercury, lead, arsenic, harmful toxins each man created and all-natural compounds. Imprint homeopathic that are target distinct for you. Treatments are scanned and printed incorporate herbal, homeopathic, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, phenolic, botanicals, extracts, bach flower, and much more. Allergic reactions and sensitivities can be assessed and cleared with specific protocols, using frequency's of offending materials imprinted onto remedy acts like a vaccine for the entire body to reprogram the immune response. Parasites, bacteria, mold, mildew, virus's, nano bacterium, can be detected. Rife like skills to imprint frequency into homeopathic. Direct latest is run via the physique, resistance to certain frequencies makes it possible for asyra to detect concerns preventing the physique from currently being healthy or sick. All-natural and holistic tactic is so correct major university exhibits above 90% accurate correlation to 1500 sufferers blood perform final results! Rapidly results printed out that day and you can begin plan appropriate away. Biomeridian stress check 1st discovered by Reinholt Voll. Acupuncture according to Voll set the normal for purely natural medicine in Germany and today even greater technological innovation. Detox, allergy elimination, target nutritional plan and take guess function out making use of Asyra. Costs from one hundred-197 for scan. Contact nowadays and set up an appointment at Advanced Wellness Center with Dr. John Lieurance 941 330 8553. Also making use of neuroscience for neurotransmitter testing for dopamine ... Watch-Video-Here

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              default Pt 1 Ayurvedic Herbal Powders   Natural Hair Care

                Check out my website and stick to me @ http Critique of Ayurvedic (Indian) Herbal Powders for Hair Care Watch-Video-Here

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                default Facial Skin Care : How to Give a Facial at Home

                  In skin care, a rejuvenating facial can be carried out by oneself at house. Give a facial at home with suggestions from a beauty editor in this free video on facial skin care. Specialist: Jackie Silver Get in touch with: Bio: Jackie Silver is the owner of Aging Backwards, and has been operating... Watch-Video-Here

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                  default Veterinary Care Secrets   Heal Your Dog or Cat At Home

           Dr. Andrew Jones shares his expertise in helping you look at, diagnose, and deal with your pet canine at property via spilling some veterinary secrets. By way of many years of encounter, he has realized that typical veterinary medicine can bring far more harm to your pet than excellent. He explains that typical veterinary care has lost its effectiveness more than the years. To counter this, he has come up with guidelines on how to administer suitable care for your pet canine at house, giving you the crucial to the veterinary secret. Watch-Video-Here

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                    Colon Care

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                    default Colon Care

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