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default MALTA: Paola Chinese Traditional Medicine & Treatment

    Chinese conventional treatment method: This video shows a brief guideline about the Chinese traditional remedy - acupuncture & cupping at the Paola Clinic, Malta. Movies and images by Choy Hong (Jasmine) Grech Video by Alfred & Choy Hong (Jasmine) Grech, Mosta, Malta. © jasalf5959 - 2009 Please also search for our other Youtube Channel malpen04 ================================ Information on Chinese traditional treatment: The Mediterranean Regional Centre for Traditional Chinese Medicine, Paola, Malta The Centre is a Sino-Maltese cooperative project which was set up in 1993. The clinical function is carried out by leading experts who are Chinese physicians sent by the Government PR China. The therapies at the Medditerranean Regional Centre for Traditional Chinese Medicine incorporate: Treatments against: Painful syndrome Headache, migraine, toothache, trigeminal nueralgia, shoulder & neck pains, tennis elbow, backache, intercostal neuralgia, sciatica, acute & chronic sprains. Issues of internal organs: Stomachache, abdominal ache, constipation, diarrhoea, poor digestion. Asthma, cough, common cold. Nocturnal enuresis, retention of urine, infection of urinary tract, nocturnal emission, prostatitis, declined sexual capacity. Hyperthyroidism, diabetes mellitus, hypertension. Facial paralysis, sequela of windstroke, insomnia, infertility. Dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, menopause syndrome. Other individuals: Eczema, common itching, acne. Abstention from smoking - losing fat - massage for rest ... Watch-Video-Here

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    default Herbs & Alternative Medicine : Neti Pot Solution Recipes

      The remedy used for neti pots should start with area temperature water and about a teaspoon of salt. Sesame oil and golden seal tincture can also be extra to a neti pot resolution recipe. Clean and help the sinus cavities with assistance from a wellness educator and herbal medicine specialist in this free of charge video on substitute medicine. Watch-Video-Here

      Bio-Oxidate Defense - Support cell integrity with natural antioxidants


      default The Herbal Medicine Making Kit

        The Herbal Medicine Creating Kit with the free of charge Roots and Branches Herbal Property Research Program is a extensive mastering program for the aspiring herbalist and residence medicine maker. Watch-Video-Here

        ColoFlush - Gently flush the colon and promote systemic health


        default Herbs & Alternative Medicine : Where Are the Lymph Nodes Located?

          The significant place of the bodies lymph nodes are the neck, throat, chest, groin and underneath the arm pits. Determine signs and symptoms of an infection by hunting for or feeling swollen lymph nodes with aid from a wellness educator and herbal medicine specialist in this cost-free video on lymph nodes. Watch-Video-Here

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          default Chinese Herbal Medicine

            Watch the Full Interview Here: Dr. Dan Wen, from Honso USA, discusses Chinese Herbal Medicine. He opens the eyes of our audience to the positive aspects of utilizing herbs to heal. Dr. Wen shows that herbs can be straightforward to use when they are in a packeted kind. Dan Wen has nearly 20-year encounter in clinical and laboratory analysis on humans and animals in China and America in the use and integration of Chinese herbal and Western medicines, such as a three-year analysis fellowship in gastroenterology at Mayo Clinic. His research at Washington University School of Medicine on absorption of vitamin B12 has been supported by a study grant from NIH. He has also published numerous analysis papers. Presently he is the President of Honso USA Inc., headquartered in Phoenix Arizona, where the pharmaceutical grade Japanese Kampo items are distributed. Contact Dan Wen MD President - Honso USA Inc (888) 461-5808 Watch-Video-Here

            Pre-Party Protect - Support the liver during times of excess & over-indulgence


            default Traditional Chinese Medicine: Herbal Prescriptions

              In portion two of the Conventional Chinese Medicine series Dr. Mahanian explains how a diagnosis is created, prescriptions are made and taken. Check out all of our movies at Watch-Video-Here

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              default F   SCIO   Energetic Medicine MENU

                CLIENT Alternatives with the SCIO with in office sessions immediately connected to the SCIO or wireless remote management sessions. MENU of therapies organized in Entire body - Thoughts - Physique Electrical categories shows broad variety of Energetic Medicine therapies obtainable - making the SCIO the most advanced " computerized Naturopathy " of kinds. Electro acupuncture, brain wave & phase stabilization therapy, the TENS pain management functions, pressure management Biofeedback with the ability to zap pathogens like bacteria, fungus, viruses & parasites, stimulate detoxification and regeneration for injury repair as nicely as the administration of homeopathic, herbal, vitamin & flower essence frequencies are just a few choices customers have, from the substantial Energetic Medicine TOOLBAG the SCIO has accessible - making the SCIO the " Rolls Royce " of Organic wellbeing care choice & effectiveness for all consumers enjoying its practical, Wholistic rewards. Watch-Video-Here

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                default how to eat chinese medicine

                  Warning. GROSS subject material ahead. Watch-Video-Here

                  ColoFlush - Gently flush the colon and promote systemic health


                  default Ayurveda Medicine: A Natural Remedy Explained

           for aid. Contributed by ( Co-Founder of India Herbs explains the Science of Ayurveda. Overview Ayurvedic Medicine is also named Ayurveda. It is a program of medicine that originated in India numerous thousand years ago. The phrase Ayurveda combines two Sanskrit words: ayur, which implies existence, and veda, which means science or knowledge. Ayurveda indicates &quotthe science of daily life.&quot Ayurveda is a whole medical method which integrates and balances the body, mind, and spirit (therefore, it is regarded &quotholistic&quot). This balance is essential for contentment and very good wellness. Ayurveda also proposes remedies for certain well being problems. A main aim of Ayurvedic medicine is to cleanse the body of substances that can cause disease. This assists re-establish the harmony and balance necessary for optimal well being. Ayurveda has extended been the major program of wellness care in India. About 70 % of India's population lives in rural areas about two-thirds of rural men and women use Ayurveda and medicinal plants to meet their primary wellbeing care wants. In addition, most main cities have an Ayurvedic college and hospital. There are 587536 registered classic medical practitioners, 2860 hospitals providing Ayurvedic therapy, and 22100 dispensaries for conventional medicine in India. This permits above 500 million men and women in India to depend solely on Ayurveda today. Ayurveda and variations of it have also been practiced for centuries in Pakistan ... Watch-Video-Here

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                    default High Blood Pressure Alternative Medicine and ...

                      leading-three-merchandise.information - Study The High Blood Stress Remedy Report NOW. I located the report on prevention and management of Blood Pressure to be extraordinary as a lay primer for folks of all ages. It is very extensive and thorough, addressing entirely not only the acknowledged medical details regarding large blood stress but also choice means of prevention and control. Even though presenting the choice measures, the report is very specific on educating the reader to talk about all elements with his/her well being care provider and not to abruptly cease any medicine or remedy protocol. The sections on prevention are fairly properly written. If you are contemplating buy of well being such training materials for either by yourself or your loved ones, I thoroughly recommend the Barton publication on prevention and management of large blood stress. to assist other individuals. --Robert J. Carson Fort Collons, CO Watch-Video-Here

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