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Far more than 26 Million Americans Suffer from the Neurologic Disorder of Migraine

Westhampton, NY (PRWEB) July 20, 2006

Far more than 26 million Americans endure from the neurologic disorder of migraine, according to the American Medical Association. No medical test exists for migraine, so the diagnosis is primarily based on possessing some or all of the following symptoms:

A moderate to extreme throbbing discomfort for 4 to 72 hrs that is regularly on a single side of the head (the word migraine comes from the Greek hemicranios, meaning half a head)

Nausea, with or with no vomiting

Sensitivity to light and sound

Even standard physical activity tends to intensify the pain of migraine.

Several scientists assume migraine is a vascular disorder brought on by a tightening (constriction) and sudden opening (dilation) of the blood vessels in the head, neck or scalp.

Other people think that the throbbing discomfort of migraine is triggered by an abnormal release of neurochemicals in the brain, this kind of as serotonin or noradrenaline.

Migraine sufferers might be born with a hypersensitive nervous technique that helps make them prone to the headaches. Then, a life-style or environmental "trigger," such as a hormonal transform or a particular meals or chemical, can provoke an attack

Migraines can also be triggered by emotional elements, which includes not only unfavorable feelings like frustration, nervousness or depression, but also by relaxation and good emotions this kind of as excitement. A person can go by way of a extremely stressful time--no headache--and then the weekend or vacation comes and they can lastly unwind, and the headache comes on.

Prescription painkillers and synthetic drugs utilised to treat migraine and persistent headache may possibly minimize the discomfort connected with these conditions, but do not address the causes.

This signifies that the particular person need to continue to endure and be dependent on the use of painkillers. The 'rebound effect' of several painkillers is well-recognized but seldom discussed in medical circles.

The chemical substances in synthetic drugs can also accumulate in the liver, minimizing liver functioning and all round wellness.

Several synthetic painkillers include chemicals that can outcome in dependency, which leads to every day use of the drug and withdrawal effects when it is stopped. This is the two costly and quite negative for one's wellness.

The effects of long phrase and typical use of some synthetic painkillers are not however totally researched. Any individual who finds themselves needing to take prescription and OTC painkillers often ought to seek the advice of their health care practitioner for aid.

MiGone Plus is a confirmed, effective 100% secure and all-natural herbal remedy that addresses the principle underlying causes of chronic headaches and migraines. MiGone Plus prevents migraines and persistent headaches. The components of MiGone Plus are formulated to minimize cluster headaches, relieve muscle tension and spasm and stop tension headaches before they start. MiGone Plus can relieve the signs of arthritis enhance liver functioning and get rid of toxins. MiGone Plus contains ingredients which have been established to decrease anxiousness and tension, thereby advertising a tranquil and relaxed state of staying and other ingredients have also been established to avoid menstrual cramps and alleviate discomfort associated to PMS.

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    New eBook Delivers Great Night’s Rest to 30 million Affected by Snoring

    (PRWEB) April 21, 2006

    The timing of the release of Adrian Wernham’s new eBook Stop Snoring Secrets Revealed is a dream come true and not just for the writer. The revolutionary method to cease raspy, rattling, sleep-disrupting snores will “hit the shelves” just in time to coincide with the UK’s annual “National Quit Snoring Week.”

    According to the British Snoring &amp Sleep Apnea Association, ten.5 million guys and 4.5 million women snore in the U.K. alone, and their snoring is obtaining an effect on one more 15 million non-snorers. “58% of all snorers are among the ages of 50 and 59,” Wernham reports, “But a remarkable quantity of children snore, as well.”

    “The pity of it is, millions of people are losing sleep over absolutely nothing,” says Wernham. “Snoring can surely be controlled!’

    Snoring occurs when air is unable to move freely by means of a person’s nose and mouth in the course of sleep. The sound can become so loud that it wakes the snorer up…or disturbs the sleep of the individual on the other side of the pillow,” says Wernham.

    Night following evening of snoring can lead to exhaustion, fatigue and lack of physical energy…the most widespread signs of sleep deprivation. Bad goes to worse when “These physical problems started to have a unfavorable impact on mood” reports Wernham.

    It was his own struggles that led Wernham to discover a answer for snoring. “My spouse was so fed up with having to endure my snoring evening soon after evening that we ended sleeping in separate rooms,” the author reports with candor. Unwilling to let a snore destroy my marriage,” Wernham took action. “I learned what therapies operate and which remedies don’t function. I learned how to assess the degree of a person’s snoring issue. And I discovered how to use things that surround us everyday to place an finish to my problem.”

    What began as a individual journey became a professional enterprise when Wernham realized that what he had developed could help others.

    Stop Snoring Secrets Revealed is a lively, and informative and comprehensive in its scope, with recommendations suitable for all varieties of snorers. It incorporates step-by-step directions to help readers “make the life style and emotional modifications necessary to place an finish to snoring forever, plus in depth info on how to ultimately get a restful night’s rest speedily, quickly, and effortlessly,” says Wernham with pride.

    In addition to exploring conventional remedy options including somnoplasty, laser surgery, tongue suspension, and nasal reconstructive surgical treatment, Wernham also reports on normal and alternative therapies including magnetic treatment, hypnosis, massage, light treatment, steam inhalation, nasal strips, and Chinese herbal treatments.

    To learn much more about Quit Snoring Secrets Revealed, pay a visit to in which the ebook is also obtainable for purchase.

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      Genital Wart Epidemic Tops 20 Million in America ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;

      (PRWEB) May 10, 2005

      Some may ask - what are or how did I get genital warts? Genital warts are part of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) family and there are more than 100 types of genital warts. This infection has become so widespread that genital wart infections are one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) on the planet.


      When surveyed more than half of the women infected with the virus never knew they had it. In women, genital warts can occur both internally and externally. Genital warts are very contagious and once you are infected with the virus you will have it in one form or another for the rest of your life.


      What do you do when you find out you have genital warts? There are treatments to remove them with or without surgery. The usual treatment for genital warts is to have your dermatologist burn then off or cryogenically freeze them off with liquid nitrogen. It is a painful process to say the least. There were few alternatives to this treatment until the properties of bloodroot were discovered. One of these bloodroot medicines out for treatment of genital warts is DermaTend (


      According to Aaron Lilly, inventor of this natural remedy - This bloodroot herb quickly removes Genital Warts and other skin growths like moles without painful surgery. DermaTend however is not a cure for genital warts - however it is a viable treatment.


      With herbal remedies like DermaTend available, the 20 million infected in this country alone will find relief in new treatments. However, as for this most horrible epidemic in America, it will only correct itself with properly informed and educated citizens. Find out more about DermaTend by visiting ;


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        20 Million American's Infected with Genital Warts ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;

        (PRWEB) May 21, 2005

        When someone gets venereal warts their first thought is usually, "how did I get this stuff?" Since most plead ignorance as to how they got it - it is no wonder there are now more that 20 million people in America that have this condition. If you are unsure what genital warts look like you owe it to yourself to search online for photos. The Genital Wart Virus or Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is only one of 100 different types of genital warts. What was once thought to be only an isolated incident in the gay community - this epidemic is now mostly found in white heterosexual women. Latest statistics show this infection is the most common sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) on the planet. Teens surveyed in April 2005 had little knowledge of the virus.


        The main cause of the outbreak seems to be that most women do not know they have the virus. In Men it is obvious when warts appear around the penis or genitals but in women it can be difficult to uncover. Venereal Warts or Genital Warts are extremely contagious and once infected it will haunt you for the rest of your life.


        Let's say you have or get warts sometime soon. You first have to stop acting like nothing in wrong and get immediate treatment. Some of these are quite painful but others are not. The usual route is to go to the doctor and have them burn them off with a laser or cryogenically freeze them off with liquid nitrogen. Other less painful methods of removing warts have been re-discovered recently and it has proved a viable treatment for eliminating warts. One of these bloodroot medicines out for treatment of all types of warts including genital warts is DermaTend (


        Formal soldier turned inventor Aaron Lilly rediscovered this all-natural remedy, Â?I found out through tons of research that Native Americans had used bloodroot to remove all kinds of skin problems for centuries. The herb quickly removes Genital Warts and other skin growths like moles ( or skin tags without having to go through the expense and the pain of surgeryÂ?.


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          five Million Hepatitis C Sufferers Ought to Benefit from a New All-all-natural Chinese Herbal Formula

          Southfield, MI (PRWEB) February 21, 2006

          Far more than five million people in the United States are currently afflicted with the Hepatitis C virus, and most do not know it. Reaching pandemic proportions, with over 250 million folks globally, there are now more than 4 occasions the numbers of individuals with Hepatitis C virus than with AIDS. Though typically acquired from blood to blood speak to or from transfusions received just before 1990, what is startling is that most men and women still do not know they have the disease. This is simply because the Hepatitis C virus gradually invades and damages the liver more than a prolonged period of time, with quite small, if any signs. That is, until finally the liver is so badly damaged that the resultant scar formation turns into cirrhosis and they want a liver transplant.

          Samglo Enterprises LTD of Southfield, Michigan, is at the moment advertising Nu-Liver, a non-toxic formulation of Chinese herbs that is anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, and liver protective. Not like interferon and its combinations, (the only FDA accepted western treatment protocol for Hepatitis C), Nu-Liver herbal formula has practically no side-effects. The response rate to standard interferon and its variants is fairly very low, specifically in these with genotypes 1A and 1B, generally identified in the United States and in Europe. And standard therapy (i.e. interferon) can interfere with a person's immune function and precipitate a host of other automobile-immune diseases. Even improvement following interferon remedy can be brief lived, given that up to 40% of individuals suffer relapse inside a couple of months following interferon therapy is discontinued.

          However, thousands of years of alternative Chinese Herbal Medicine may recommend a greater and safer way. Nu-Liver herbal formula is primarily based upon scientific scientific studies in China that have shown that herbal medicines can naturally suppress the Hepatitis C virus in humans. Utilizing these discoveries, Chinese medical doctors have created potent herbal medicine formulas that combine the two anti-viral and liver-protective properties.

          As at present being marketed, Nu-Liver is a non-toxic formulation of Chinese herbs that is anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, and liver protective. And as traditionally utilised in China, the herbs in Nu-Liver have scientifically been shown to assistance the immune system's natural capacity to lower the Hepatitis C viral load, lessen or normalize liver enzyme levels, and halt illness progression, devoid of the serious side effects from interferon sort "chemical drugs" that are typically worse than the disease itself. And when liver functions are normalized, sufferers with Hepatitis C can preserve a typical or close to normal quality of existence.

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