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REMEMBERING TO TAKE YOUR Medicines Appropriately - WHAT YOU Require TO KNOW AND Making IT Less difficult TO Bear in mind

(PRWEB) October 25, 2003

Have you ever forgotten to take your medication as instructed? Or skipped doses to conserve income? Or taken someone elseÂ?s medication?

If you do any of the above, then you could:

·        Lose time at operate from staying sick (over 20 million workdays are lost every single year)

·        Be 1 of the ten% who end up in the hospital

·        Be one particular of the 23% that finish up in a nursing property because of a easy error or even,

·        Die. 125,000 men and women a year die from not taking their medicines effectively.

Picture. Of above three billion prescriptions written each and every year, 1 third is taken entirely as written, a single third are filled but not finished as instructed, and 1 third are never ever even filled. It doesnÂ?t make a lot sense to go to the physician and then not take his/her guidance.

Your medical doctor prescribes these drugs to manage and/or remedy your illness and disease. Taking your medicines effectively can prolong your life and/or boost the quality of your life.

By not taking your drugs correctly, your disease or illness can progress. Numerous instances the symptoms are mild or unnoticeable, such as in high blood pressure or diabetes, till you are seriously ill. In the situation of antibiotics, by not taking the complete prescription, you are permitting the bacteria to grow to be resistant to the medication. It then comes back more difficult and strongerÂ? which indicates the physician has to prescribe even Â?strongerÂ? antibiotics. Some of these Â?strongerÂ? antibiotics have potential severe side effects.

Not taking your medicines properly is referred to as medication noncompliance. This could be as simple as taking as well considerably or as well tiny, taking them erratically since we forget or just stopping since we feel far better. Americans spend above $ 100 billion on medication noncompliance every year in improved emergency room visits, hospital and nursing residence admissions, as properly as doctor visits and outpatient testing. Given that nearly 50% of all prescriptions filled are not taken correctly, it is no wonder that our medical costs are skyrocketing.

It is important to know as a lot as potential about your medication. Ask your doctor and your pharmacist to make confident you realize why you are taking the medication and what it will do for you. YouÂ?ll want to know how long it will take to function and how you will know it is working correctly. Just as essential, you need to have to know what the achievable side effects are and if there are any options.

Make positive you know the following about your medication:

·        How a lot to take

·        How frequently and the ideal instances for you to take it

·        How to take itÂ? with water, with food or on an empty stomach

·        Should it be kept in the refrigerator or is it okay to shop at area temperature

·        If you need a refill, when is it due

·        If there is anything that would adversely impact you. Some medications will not function as nicely or can lead to you to get sick if taken with certain foods, alcohol, specific herbal treatments and other medicines (whether prescription or above the counter).

Thirty-two million of us take 5 or a lot more drugs a day, often numerous times a day. This can get extremely confusing. Thankfully, there are many toolsÂ?both reduced-tech and large-techÂ?

accessible to aid us remember. Some of the reduced-tech tools consist of the infamous pillboxes that we all use, divided by day, morning and evening, or by the week or the medication charts that are utilised with the pillboxes or alone for reference. Others are diaries or booklets.

Some of the tools to help us remember how to take our meds consist of:

Weekly Medication Charts by Straightforward Minder Reusable Lists. This fantastic new product is a reusable, write-on, wipe-off medication chart. It comes in two formats Â? medication routine by time of day (with 14 time slots) or all the information for each and every person medication (up to eight medications). Caregivers search this chart because it shows no matter whether the medication has been taken. Go to or contact (978) 681- 9969 for far more details on these simple-to-use charts.

Does your medication speak to you? There are also pill bottles that �tell� you the info you need to have. A pharmacist developed the Speaking Rx® for the visually impaired. Visit or call (860) 426-0542 for more details.

Finally, there are even timers, pagers and watches with vibrating

alarms and beeps to inform you what time to take your drugs. These along with many sorts of dispensers can be discovered at

Now you have it. There is no excuse any longer for forgetting to take your medications properly and as meant by your physician. Only you can impact the good quality of your well being for the much better just by following your doctorÂ?s assistance and taking your medications correctly


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    Ideal-Selling Book, The Thyroid Diet, Explains Why Oprah Winfrey Does not Need to have to Weight 200 Pounds

    Kensington, MD (PRWEB) January five, 2009

    Consideration is once more focused on the connection in between thyroid condition and weight issues, soon after speak display host Oprah Winfrey announced that she gained 40 pounds because her personal 1997 diagnosis of thyroid illness, and now weighs 200 pounds.

    As a lot of as 50 million Americans have thyroid problems - and much more than half of them are undiagnosed. A lot of thyroid sufferers experience metabolism that is slowed to ranges that make dieting and excess weight loss seemingly unattainable.

    Mary Shomon, nationally identified thyroid patient advocate, says that Oprah Winfrey, like millions of other American girls struggling with thyroid and excess weight issues, does not need to face this kind of an uphill battle. Shomon's New York Times best-selling book "The Thyroid Diet plan: Manage Your Metabolism for Lasting Weight Loss," is the only book to aid several previously unsuccessful dieters finally overcome this major - but usually overlooked -- impediment to weight loss. In depth information on "The Thyroid Diet," obtainable at the book's website, --- which also attributes a cost-free downloadable Ebook from Shomon, titled "Is Your Thyroid Producing You Fat?"

    In "The Thyroid Diet regime," millions of frustrated dieters will learn that diagnosis and appropriate thyroid remedy could be all that is essential to successfully restore the metabolism to typical and commence to shed excess weight. "The Thyroid Diet program" functions a "Signs and symptoms Checklist," along with detailed suggestions on how to get diagnosed and effectively treated.

    Correct remedy can be far a lot more difficult than individuals are led to believe. Oprah Winfrey has, in reality, revealed that she has stopped taking thyroid medicine since she did not feel much better.

    Says Shomon: "Oprah's circumstance points out how difficult it can be to locate the right medication, at the correct dose, for the right quantity of time, or order to commence feeling the positive aspects. Many ladies are prescribed the popular thyroid drug, Synthroid, and if they don't really feel nicely a couple of weeks later, they think it is not working, and give up. As a substitute of abandoning thyroid therapy, thyroid sufferers need to know their possibilities, and how to navigate by way of the many remedy approaches to come across what will perform for them."

    Shomon has summarized some essential points about Oprah's thyroid and weight loss circumstance in an article "The Six Reasons Why Oprah Winfrey Does not Have to Weigh 200 Pounds" -- located at at the popular thyroid site exactly where she has been Guide considering that 1997.

    Even with the ideal possible diagnosis and therapy, weight loss can nonetheless be more difficult for thyroid patients. Says Shomon: "In The Thyroid Diet plan, I've put together the very best guidance from practitioners all around the nation - and the patients who have efficiently lost excess weight - on the thyroid treatment options, foods, approaches, dietary supplements, herbs, nutrients and physical exercise that can assist even the playing area for thyroid sufferers trying to shed weight."

    "The Thyroid Diet program" was published to acclaim, reaching the New York Times Very best Seller List, the "Diet program and Excess weight Loss" Bestsellers List, and was a Quills award semi-finalist. "The Thyroid Diet program" also spent a lot more than a month in the Amazon's Best 100 Bestsellers list.

    In "The Thyroid Diet plan" readers will understand...

    Why much more than half of the nearly 30 million Americans with thyroid issues haven't been diagnosed The three physical indicators that almost guarantee you have an undiagnosed thyroid problem Why your medical professional is not most likely to test you for this frequent diet plan saboteur, and what you can do Why frequent "mini-meals" may possibly be the worst factor for your weight loss work Herbal remedy from Africa that can dramatically cut appetite, without having harmful side effects The so-known as "wellness meals" that Oprah - and millions of women - eats that could be sabotaging her diet program

    "The Thyroid Diet regime" discusses optimal dietary changes, focusing on the "low-glycemic" diet plan -- the healthier evolution of the low-carb craze. Readers also discover about optimal timing of meals for maximum hormonal influence, thyroid-damaging foods to avoid, beneficial herbs and supplements, and more. The suggestions of quite a few nationally-known doctors and practitioners is featured in the book.

    The book is made up of several distinct consuming plans, meals lists, and a set of delicious and healthful recipes. Useful worksheets aid in excess weight loss tracking, and a particular resource section attributes internet sites, books, and assistance groups.

    Mary Shomon has transformed her very own well being challenges into more than a decade as America's major thyroid patient advocate, founder/editor of a series of well being newsletters, and founder/editor editor of her popular Thyroid-Info website , and guide to the Thyroid Disease website since 1997. She is author of a series of ideal-selling books on thyroid disease and health, like "Thyroid Hormone Breakthrough," "Living Effectively With Hypothyroidism," "Living Well With Autoimmune Condition," and "Living Effectively With Graves' Illness and Hyperthyroidism," amid others. Mary Shomon is a member of the Endocrine Society, the Association of Wellness Care Journalists, and the American Academy on Communication in Healthcare.

    Key Thyroid Sources:

    Thyroid-Info Website: Thyroid Website:
    Thyroid Diet plan:
    Thyroid Newsletters:


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      No Require to See Medical doctor for Most Frequent Issues, Medical doctor Says

      New York, NY (PRWEB) August 8, 2007

      A majority of physical signs can be treated by the medical professional-advised treatments at house, says Board-Certified New York City based mostly Internist, Svetlana Kogan, M.D.

      One particular of Dr. Kogan's individuals, who works as a software program analyst, woke up yesterday feeling urinary tract signs: burning and frequency. Each woman understands what this feels like. The patient had a small provide of uva ursi herb, which Dr. Kogan had suggested to her throughout her prior visit with a related dilemma. The patient ready the extract according to the doctor's written instructions, poured it into a thermos, and took it to work with her. Soon after drinking 3 doses of the herbal extract at perform, she felt a lot greater and referred to as to cancel her appointment with Dr.Kogan, which she had created in case the herb did not help.

      Dr. Kogan, a New York City primarily based board-certified internist practices holistic medicine. She believes that most widespread ailments can be treated in the privacy of your personal house, with the treatments which your doctor has encouraged for you. However, most doctors out there have never ever received any formal education on medicinal use herbs and supplements. Medical curricula are only starting up to incorporate naturopathic treatments into medical school texts. It took Dr. Kogan nearly ten years of considerable self-education and clinical observation in her very own private practice, to attain the substantial knowledge of option therapies, which she administers at the Longevity Institute she founded on the Upper West side of Manhattan.

      Recently, Dr. Kogan aided to produce a site which was a normal outgrowth of her patient's interest on all-natural cures for common health troubles. When asked about the philosophy behind her internet site, she explains:

      "A lot of men and women are beginning to recognize the harm imposed on our wellness by the excessive use of standard drugs, which includes but not limited to antibiotics, steroids, and mood-altering medications. The marketplace is flooded by 1000's of products, labels, gadgets, brands. You really feel lost walking close to the limitless isles of the vitamin stores. You get even much more confused trying to navigate the myriad of web-based supplement web sites. This is where we come in with our unique viewpoint on how to deliver the product that's correct for you. MD physicians nicely-versed in the supplement sector are your most trustworthy guides on the way to wholesome residing. The doctors' training in physiology, biochemistry, and pharmacology provides us an unparalleled benefit of understanding the products' structure and mode of action. Our clinical expertise enables us to establish when the self-treatment is a good thought and when you actually have to visit the doctor. Ultimately, obtaining taken the Hippocratic Oath, we are poised to help very first, and to do no harm, which means a whole great deal when you are on the client end of a sale. For example, several vitamins, supplements and herbs may be incredibly harmful when taken in excess. In clinical practice we typically see individuals overdosed on vitamins and supplements, doubling and tripling up on the active ingredients of the many formulas they take. We have studied the market extremely completely. We have visited producers close to country, tasted, attempted, and asked several issues. We have done the legwork. We bring you the best, freshest, most authentic, all-natural merchandise out there."

      Dr. Kogan hopes that her new internet site will support to get rid of unnecessary visits to the doctor's workplace and to abstain from making use of the pharmaceutical medicines. She says that ideally she would like to see her sufferers in the office just the moment/year for a common check-up and bloodwork.

      If you would like far more details about or to schedule an interview with Dr.Kogan, please call Diana at 212-580-0900 or e-mail Dr. Kogan at kogan.svetlana @


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        Query by jumy: is the herbal clean cleansing cocktail powerful on thc??? need to have help fastttttt!!!? i am possessing an urine test and i just bougth the cleansing cocktail,,, has any a single employed this??

        Best answer:

        Answer by Curious George
        I personally wouldn't use any drink or additive to attempt to pass a drug test. A lot of labs test for this sort of issue. Your greatest bet is to use dehydrated urine. Most head shops (pipe stores) carry it. Great luck.

          Add your very own answer in the comments!

          VitaliTonic - Promote energy and zest in adults over 50

          Question by My name™: I have to be drug tested for a task. I need to pee clean, but I smoke weed, any suggestions? I havent smoked in like three weeks but I been hearing that is not lengthy enough...I am carrying out a couple second interviews today and will possibly know whether or not I get a task soon.

          Any person know a fast cleanser that operates? I went to the herbal shop and they have detox kits but it doesn't say how it effects drug tests.

          Finest answer:

          Answer by Tracy M
          Quit smoking weed and you won't have to worry about it.

            What do you consider? Answer below!

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            Question by Muscle Museum: I need some ideas for a detox diet icon smile Q&A: I need some ideas for a detox diet :) ? ? Okay so recently I've been really bad to my body ... I've been overeating (I've put on 2lb in the last month), smoking, drinking and doing cannabis, and it's taken its toll; I'm irritable and gassy and I've been feeling really nauseous. This is horrible and I know I shouldn't put my body through this. I've decided I'm going to have a complete overhaul ... between September last year, and March this year, I lost 24lb in weight and I felt great about myself ... but now I feel that I'm slipping back into old habits. I'm 16 and I want to be much healthier ... I want to go on a complete detox, my body doesn't deserve to be as unhealthy as it is.

            Can anybody recommend any detox diets? I don't want to spend tons of money on herbal pills and stuff like that, but I just need an idea of what a detox diet entails ... I've never been on one before. Thanks in advance!

            Best answer:

            Answer by Casey O
            there are some different detox and cleanse tea. its by yogi tea and theres one called detox,slim and clenase all you have to do is eat healthier try eating salads (it makes you go pooopy) hehe and try taking herbal or hair skin and nail vitamins

              Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

              Get more info on Anger-Soothe - Homeopathic remedy temporarily reduces anger and irritability, plus prevents temper outbursts

              Query by Billy M: quit cannabis, what is the best herbal remedy for depression/anxiety/unwellness so i dont want anti depressant Seeking for excellent all-natural suplements to beat the anxiety/anxiety and genral panic and feeling of uneasyness from quitting cannabis. I am taking a multi vitamin and green tea's.. how great is st john wort in comparison to anti depressants? Is there something else i can attempt for the far better on my physique? plz reply with severe answers only icon biggrin Q&A: quit cannabis, what is the best herbal remedy for depression/anxiety/unwellness so i dont need anti depressant

              Very best answer:

              Answer by taik
              St. John's wart has been proven to be powerful in enhancing mood. Nonetheless, it probably isn't as efficient as prescribed antidepressants. It is useful for much more mild signs and symptoms. A B-complicated vitamin can be additional as well along with your multivitamin. That helps to increase power and mood. I don't know if you are on any meds, but St. John's can interfere with some of them...such as birth handle tablets.

                Add your own solution in the comments!

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                Question by deathwishpussy: Swift! i require to DETOX in five days!? i want anything that will aid me detox for a drug check i have in 5 days. no treatments for marijuana please, thats not my issue. seeking to detox opiates and amphetamines. and dont lecture me on drug use, thats not my dilemma either. some a** was dropping stuff in drinks at a celebration. didnt discover out right up until couple people went to hospital genuinely sick so i took a drug check and tested good for opiates and amphetamines. i have an essential job function up coming week and need to be clean. dont suggest anything mail order, i dont have time. drug retailers? house treatments? head shop kits? homeopathic? herbal? PLEASE Support!

                Best answer:

                Answer by RDRAM
                as quickly as u finish brushing ur teeth in the morning drink 1 litre of water ,do this till the day of ur check ,very good luck

                  Add your personal answer in the comments!

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                  Question by kaykev: i require to detox my method for a job. what is the fastest way? i heard a great deal of cranberry juice and water. does everyone know of a rapidly herbal remedy?

                  Greatest answer:

                  Answer by Gefilte Girl
                  That complete cranberry juice factor is for a URINARY TRACT INFECTION, not drugs! Duh! There is no way to speed it up, you happen to be screwed.

                    What do you think? Answer beneath!

                    Get more Information on Natural Remedies for Asperger's Syndrome

                    Question by deathwishpussy: Swift! i need to have to detox in 5 days!? i want anything that will assist me detox for a drug test i have in five days. no remedies for marijuana please, thats not my dilemma. seeking to detox opiates and amphetamines. and dont lecture me on drug use, thats not my issue either. some a** was dropping stuff in drinks at a celebration. didnt locate out until couple people went to hospital really sick so i took a drug test and tested positive for opiates and amphetamines. i have an important job function up coming week and need to be clean. dont recommend anything mail order, i dont have time. drug merchants? property remedies? head shop kits? homeopathic? herbal? PLEASE Support! your intuition is incorrect. please dont assume anything. i am not a kid, i am a grown lady, i did not leave my drink unattended, i did not ask for opinions or criticism or a scolding. only support.

                    a police report was filed by the bar patrons that ended up in the hospital. it is suspected the bartender was spiking drinks for his entertainment. he is becoming questioned by the correct authorities.

                    Best answer:

                    Answer by Chris H
                    You're probably screwed. You _may_ be ready to explaln oneself if you and the other individuals who had been "poisoned" file a police report about the incident ASAP. If you know the individual responsible, I would recommend that you all press charges as nicely.

                    Great news is, according to the Mythbusters Television show, some of the OTC drug tests are _way_ too sensitive, particularly for opiates (1 poppy seed bagel was sufficient to pop positive). So if your "residence" drug check showed opiates, you _might_ not display positive on a more scientific check. Then once more, you may possibly.

                      Give your answer to this question under!

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