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Query by jerm2001ss: right after taking enchincea herbal supplement to cleanse blood and swollen lymph node..discover slight discomfort in node?? ever heard of this? is this coming from the actual cleansing of lymph nodes?

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Answer by Fresca
echinacea doesn't actually perform that well (for me anyways), I would ask a individual to help you locate one more remedy. I like to use golden seal, it comes in pills or a tinker. Its an antibacterial root. I generally use it in a tinker and mix with tea or put it in my Netti pot. I also just got more than a cold and utilised the brand Kold Kare which I bought from my regional natrual shop. there are several other choices. Yes, that is common when you have an infection. you have about six of them. two on your pelvis, two on your throat and two on shoulder blades. if you have an infection it causes them to swell to aid fight it. really feel greater!

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