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default Colon Cancer: 6 Years On Herbs After Chemo Radiotherapy Failed

    Patient diagnosed with Duke's C colon cancer (1995) underwent surgery, radiation and chemotherapy (48 sessions in total). In 1996, barely a year later, he had a relapse and went for another surgical treatment. Opted for CA Care Treatment in 1997. He was properly for six many years. He died in June 2003. Watch-Video-Here

    ColoFlush - Gently flush the colon and promote systemic health

    Is Your New Year's Diet regime Currently Sabotaged by a Hidden Thyroid Problem?

    Kensington, MD (PRWEB) January four, 2006

    An estimated 27 million men and women have thyroid conditions, and the majority of them are undiagnosed. As 2006 gets began, with many men and women creating resolutions to start but another diet regime, many do not comprehend they are currently doomed to fail simply because they are amongst the millions of undiagnosed -- or improperly treated -- thyroid sufferers.

    Thyroid illness is not as effortless to diagnose and effortless to deal with as doctors propose. The New York Times greatest-selling book "The Thyroid Diet" tackles this issue, making it less difficult for people with thyroid illness to understand the dangers, signs and symptoms and get the diagnosis and therapy that will convert diet plan disaster into winning at weight loss.

    Thyroid diagnosis can be a challenge in the course of the common five-minute managed care check out with most doctors, and the minimal treatment options provided may possibly not resolve signs sufficiently to enable for successful weight loss. "The Thyroid Diet program," by patient advocate Mary Shomon, capabilities a extensive "Signs and symptoms Checklist" to take to the physician, along with thorough recommendations on how to get diagnosed and handled.

    Says author Shomon, a thyroid sufferer herself: "Even after the greatest possible thyroid therapy, nevertheless, millions of individuals nevertheless cannot shed weight. In The Thyroid Diet plan, I share the unique approaches thyroid sufferers want to follow, with data on treatment options, foods, supplements, herbs, nutrients and exercise that will quick-forward readers to the point where they can lose excess weight -- beginning nowadays."

    "The Thyroid Diet program" was on the New York Occasions Greatest-Seller List, was an leading 10 "Diet and Weight Loss" Bestsellers of the year list, and reached #five on the Amazon principal bestsellers list. The book is going powerful, in its 10th printing, and offering diet regime help and wellness data for 1000's of thyroid patients about the globe. A cost-free chapter is offered for download at the book's internet site, -- along with other beneficial excerpts.

    In "The Thyroid Diet" readers discover...

    Why far more than half of the almost 30 million Americans with thyroid problems have not been diagnosed

    The three physical indicators that virtually GUARANTEE a dieter has an undiagnosed thyroid problem

    Why a doctor isn't likely to test for this widespread diet plan saboteur, and what can be done

    Why frequent "mini-meals" may be the WORST point for a weight loss work

    The new herbal remedy from Africa that can dramatically cut appetite, without hazardous side effects

    "The Thyroid Diet program" discusses optimal dietary changes, focusing on the "low-glycemic" diet plan -- the newest considering, and the healthier evolution of the low-carb craze. Readers also find out about optimal timing of meals for maximum hormonal influence, thyroid-damaging foods to stay away from, valuable herbs and dietary supplements, and more.

    The book is made up of several distinct consuming plans, meals lists, and a set of scrumptious and healthy gourmet recipes. Useful worksheets help in weight loss tracking, and a particular resource section features sites, books, and help groups.

    Mary Shomon has transformed her personal well being challenges into a function as a nationally-identified patient advocate, founder/editor of a series of health newsletters, and as founder/editor editor of the Internet's most well-known thyroid internet site, In addition to "The Thyroid Diet program," she is author of a quantity of well-known, best-selling books on wellbeing, which includes "Living Nicely With Hypothyroidism," "Living Properly with Graves' Condition and Hyperthyroidism," "Residing Well With Autoimmune Illness," and "Residing Nicely With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia," all published by HarperCollins, as well as the "Thyroid Manual to Fertility, Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Success." Shomon edits a common thyroid newsletter, "Sticking Out Our Necks." Because 1997, Shomon has also been the Guidebook to Thyroid Condition at the network of websites, in which she has written thousands of articles on thyroid illness, that are published at on the internet. A member of the Endocrine Society, she is also one of the first patient members of the American Academy on Physician and Patient.

    "The Thyroid Diet" is obtainable at nearby and on the internet bookstores such as and Barnes and Noble. Far more info is obtainable at the internet site:


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      Hyperez 32 Oz.Higher Blood Pressure but Low Power? Natural Herbal Energy Formula That Does NOT Raise Your Blood Pressure! Utilised Safely and Effectively for More than 20 Years.

      d6823 herbal detox 11YziepSbYL. SL160  Hyperez 32 Oz.High Blood Pressure but Low Energy? Natural Herbal Energy Formula That Does NOT Raise Your Blood Pressure! Used Safely and Effectively for Over 20 Years.

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      • Doctor formulated. Alcohol and sugar totally free. Vegan.
      • Complete checklist of formulas at:
      • Nutritionally obtain power without having raising your blood pressure or giving you hot flashes.
      • If you have higher blood pressure but lack energy, this is the formula for you.

      A classic Traditional Chinese Medicine formula for Power from Dr. Kang that does NOT lower your blood pressure but if you have substantial blood pressure and do not want to raise your blood pressure and are trying to stay away from Licorice (which raises the blood pressure) in the formula, but nevertheless require energy, this formula was created for you! Also does not use herbs that give hot flashes with constant use.

      Herbs are processed in Trilight's CA FDA authorized facility, a licensed Natural food handler. ...

      buynow big Hyperez 32 Oz.High Blood Pressure but Low Energy? Natural Herbal Energy Formula That Does NOT Raise Your Blood Pressure! Used Safely and Effectively for Over 20 Years.

      List Price: $ 149.95

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      The World's Oldest Particular person (134 years) of All Time Records Her Stories on Story Of My Life Web site

      Ghaini Lal Singh Jamkar - Oldest Residing Person

      Pleasant Hill, CA, (PRWEB) May 29, 2008

      Story of My Life launches its new Storyteller section of incredible life stories by featuring the oldest residing particular person in the world, Ghaini Lal Signh Jamkar from the state of Maharastra in India, who claims to be at least 130 years old. Though completely illiterate, she has embraced the thought of acquiring her Story onto the planet wibe web.

      "The aim of Story of My Life is to get a story about every single single person in the world onto our site. So we decided to start off at the top, with the oldest living individual," says CEO and co-founder Patrick Tardif. Tracking down rumors that there was an even older individual than the official oldest living person of record, Story of My Life assembled a team led by a Storyteller to India to meet her, and recorded Mrs. Ghaini's Story along with video and several images of her and her vast family members.

      The Storyteller featured stories sections attributes men and women globally from all walks of life, which includes several centenarians' stories, every day heroes, and a lot far more.

      The oldest residing person, Mrs. Ghaini is a member of the nomadic tribe the Raj Gond, displaced a century ago from their positions as private standard healers and physicians to the neighborhood Indian king and queen. She counts roughly 100 grandchildren, over 150 fantastic-grandchildren and dozens of great-wonderful-grandchildren. No official record exists of her birth, but she recalls events that impacted her loved ones that can be traced to the late 1800's and greatest estimates spots her birth around 1873, which tends to make her older than the oldest official living particular person, who is 115 in the USA. What ever her precise age is, there is no dispute that she ranks among the super-centenarians of the globe, a feat nevertheless achieved by very handful of.

      Ghaini Lal Signh Jamkar has been recognized by the Government of India with an award to her extremely prolonged service and knowledge of Ayurvedic Medicine, and she quickly rattles off the curative properties of over 1,000 native plants. She has guided above a thousand births, and helped cure hundreds like neighborhood royalty of numerous ailments making use of her secret herbal remedies.

      Even though illiterate, she is excited about having her Life being featured on a laptop or computer for the planet broad net to read, and says "You'll have to read it to me, but I have observed both great days and negative days, and I don't have additional expectations from life. I just want to see my youngsters and future generations flourish properly and I want to see my children do well in life and see them content and comfy. I hope telling my Stories of our individuals to the globe will support bring them prosperity and a extended life also."

      Story of My Life's professional writers, or "Storytellers" are interviewing and writing about fascinating life stories of individuals, no matter whether they be inspirational, humorous, unbelievable, heartbreaking or even just ridiculous. "In the hands of a good writer, each person has a great story to inform," says Kristen Kuhns, co-founder of the Story of My Life internet site and spear-heading the new Storyteller writers section.

      Read Storyteller featurd life stories at

      For much more details or a demo, go to or call toll cost-free 888-837-8650.
      Kristen Kuhns
      Eravita, Inc. "Story of My Life"
      Cellphone: 925-684-4424
      Fax: 866-743-3860
      E-mail: kkuhns @

      About Eravita (
      Eravita is the parent company of Story of My internet site helps people write and record their life Stories, and enrich them employing contemporary multi-media such as photos, video, audio files and a lot more, and partners with the non-profit Story of My Life Foundation to maintain them forever.

      About Story of My Life Foundation (    
      The Story of My Life Foundation is a non-profit which is entrusted with funds to keep and assure continued access to people's Stories in perpetuity and grants to those who would otherwise not have access.

      Patrick Tardif
      Eravita, Inc. "Story of My Life"
      Ph: 925-759-7812

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        Hyperez eight Oz. High Blood Pressure but Reduced Energy? Organic Herbal Power Formula That Does NOT Raise Your Blood Pressure! Utilised Safely and Efficiently for More than 20 Years.

        aa487 herbal detox 41W6a1dcO3L. SL160  Hyperez 8 Oz. High Blood Pressure but Low Energy? Natural Herbal Energy Formula That Does NOT Raise Your Blood Pressure! Used Safely and Effectively for Over 20 Years.

        • Cost-free shipping orders over .00 on Amazon internet site. Vegan Formula
        • Doctor Formulated for safe energy if you have hight blood pressure. Alcohol and sugar totally free.
        • Total list of formulas at:
        • Nutritionally obtain energy with no raising your blood pressure or providing you hot flashes.
        • If you have large blood pressure but lack power, this is the formula for you.

        A classic Conventional Chinese Medicine formula for Energy from Dr. Kang that does NOT reduce your blood pressure but if you have higher blood pressure and do not want to raise your blood pressure and are attempting to steer clear of Licorice (which raises the blood pressure) in the formula, but still require energy, this formula was intended for you! ...

        buynow big Hyperez 8 Oz. High Blood Pressure but Low Energy? Natural Herbal Energy Formula That Does NOT Raise Your Blood Pressure! Used Safely and Effectively for Over 20 Years.

        List Value: $ 59.95

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        Detox Express Tea - 20 bags,(Breezy Morning Teas)

        563c7 herbal detox 31j55BKOIVL. SL160  Hyperez 8 Oz. High Blood Pressure but Low Energy? Natural Herbal Energy Formula That Does NOT Raise Your Blood Pressure! Used Safely and Effectively for Over 20 Years.

        • Breezy Morning - Tea Detox Express - 20 BAGS

        Detox Express assists body release the toxins accumulated in everyday life from the air we breathe and food we consume and includes herbs such as dandelion, burdock and echinacea. N/A...

        buynow big Hyperez 8 Oz. High Blood Pressure but Low Energy? Natural Herbal Energy Formula That Does NOT Raise Your Blood Pressure! Used Safely and Effectively for Over 20 Years.

        List Price tag: $ 10.19

        Special Price These days:

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        Botanic Alternative Announces “Win a Year’s Provide of Vitamins” Sweepstakes

        Hobart, IN (Vocus/PRWEB) January 12, 2011

        To celebrate its 101-year anniversary, Botanic Choice is offering a sweepstakes to win a full year’s provide of vitamins. Entries will be accepted on the web at by way of March 31, 2011.

        A new winner will be drawn each and every week for a total of 13 winners throughout the sweepstakes period. Winners will be contacted via telephone or email. Visitors can enter every single week to boost their chances. There is no acquire required. A comprehensive list of guidelines can be located on the contest site.

        According to Tim Cleland, President of Botanic Choice, final year’s sweepstakes, celebrating the company's 100-year anniversary, was enormously well-liked with both consumers and likely consumers. But he says it’s far more than just spreading the word about Botanic Option, it’s about assisting men and women accomplish their objectives for great wellbeing in 2011. He states, “A lot of men and women make ‘getting healthier’ a New Year’s resolution, and the contest is a great way to help them stick to it all year extended.”

        Weekly winners can decide on up to $ 50 of regularly-priced Botanic Selection merchandise and acquire all of a single product or any combination of products such as all-natural vitamins, formulas for specific wellness issues (vision, weight management, thyroid), spa beauty products or teas. The Grand Prize winner will be in a position to select up to $ 500 of often-priced merchandise from Botanic Alternative.

        About Botanic Selection
        Indiana Botanic Gardens, Inc. is a top provider of far more than 500 large-top quality nutritional dietary supplements, like its ideal-promoting Apple Cider Vinegar Plus with Green Tea for weight loss assistance. Their line of all-natural vitamins, aromatherapy, homeopathy, and herbal remedies are sold through their catalogs, web site, and retail store at 3401 West 37th Ave, Hobart, Indiana (1-800-644-8327). Clients can call anytime for a free catalog or stop by the shop weekdays 9AM-5PM or Saturday 9AM-4PM.

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          default Want to know how I kept my 80lb weight loss off for three years? rawBella raw food

            Sign up by means of my website wwwdotrawBelladotcom Beginning January 18th, we will be consuming raw for 30 days. Get personalized video recipes, demonstration and support talks via Skype, email, telephone, chat and text. Get uplifting and supportive audio talks and music and visual mastery recordings. And a complete lot more! Also find out about my new herbal remedies tinctures and healing kombuchas. Watch-Video-Here

            Get more info on AgoraFear Relief for Agoraphobia

            Query by fairygirl913: Has anybody identified a herbal remedy for ADHD in young children aged six many years? My six year old is on Adderall XR 30mg for some time now and it is not functioning and the medical professional refuses to adjust to anything else. I know I want a new physician but till then has Anyone discovered a all-natural herbal remedy that may possibly aid in the suggest time to get her off this adderall and on some thing that will place some sanity in her life and ours? Please assist

            Very best solution:

            Answer by Sarah
            I did a research paper on ADHD and st johns wart has been proven to make an improvement but it has numerous risks and regrettably the positive aspects do not outweigh the risks. Discover another medical professional and make confident your child is in a structured environment at home and at school. Also make certain she has a excellent teacher who uses alternative teaching approaches when essential to assist her. Great Luck!

              Know far better? Leave your own solution in the comments!

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              Indiana Botanic Gardens, Inc. Celebrates 99 Many years of Maintaining America Healthful with All-natural Herbal Remedies

              Hobart, IN (PRWEB) December 28, 2008

              Founded in 1910 in a small cottage in the rear of Joseph Meyer's home in Hammond, Indiana, IBG started as a modest independent supplier of difficult-to-discover medicinal herbs. These days, its Botanic Choice line has turn into the premium brand of problem-certain nutritional dietary supplements. Botanic Alternative stands apart not only for longevity but also for supplying cutting edge formulas backed by superior good quality, assured potency, rigorous security testing strategies, and proven effectiveness.

              In the starting, the business barely made living expenditures for the loved ones. Joseph Meyer's young children assisted him with activities like gathering herbs from close by fields, packaging boxes, feeding the printing press, and binding catalogs with needle and thread. The 1918 publication of the 400-page book, The Herbalist, enabled the organization to expand from the little cottage to a stunning English gabled developing off Calumet Avenue. With excellent grandson, Tim Cleland serving as president, in 1990 the enterprise moved to its Hobart area and has considering that expanded 5 fold.

              Contest and Unique Cost savings
              To celebrate their 99th year anniversary, IBG is providing a buyer testimonial contest along with specific discounts all through 2009.

              Concerning the contest Tim says, "We've been in business this extended because our products perform, and we'd like to hear about it." The ten buyers with the very best stories will get $ 99 in free of charge goods. Winners 11-99 will win $ five Botanic Selection gift certificates. Buyers can e mail their stories to marketing and by March 31, 2009.

              In addition to the contest, anybody who tends to make an on the internet buy by way of January 31, 2009 at Botanic Alternative will obtain a $ 20.00 discount on an order of $ 40.00 or a lot more. At examine out customers will want to enter in the promo code: ANNIVERSARY.

              Founded in 1910, Indiana Botanic Gardens, Inc. is a foremost provider of more than 500 high-good quality all-natural products with millions of satisfied consumers worldwide. Their line of herbal and vitamin supplements, aromatherapy, homeopathic treatments, teas, spices and beauty care are sold through their catalogs, web web site, and retail retailer at 3401 West 37th Ave, (Ridge Road) Hobart, Indiana (800-644-8327).


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                Paris Soap Firm Finest High quality Organic Skin Care Goods For 100 Years

                (PRWEB) October 20, 2003

                Best High quality All-natural Skin Care Merchandise For 100 Many years

                A selection of handmade all-natural soaps and other all-natural skin care goods to pamper your skin

                Paris Soap Company's line of organic items focuses on handmade herbal soaps and body goods. All of our handmade soap recipes include pure, meals-grade quality oils of coconut, olive and vegetable, pure essential oils and natural herbs &amp spices. We use the superior cold processing method to insure a extended lasting and gentle natural skin care product.

                If you are severe about your skin care, all-natural skin care items are for you.

                Right now, commercial soap is produced in a approach recognized as the continuous approach which is completely diverse from a handmade natural soap recipe. The commercial soap is made in huge containers in which the ingredients are continuously additional at a single end of the vat while soap is continuously eliminated from the other. Throughout the procedure, glycerin is removed and sold as a byproduct to the cosmetics business and also to manufacture nitro-glycerin. Most all the commercial soaps are truly detergents and not soaps at all. Detergents perform in the very worst conditions like challenging water and sea water but we spend a value for goods which contain harsh, synthetic chemical compounds. Commercial soaps do clean but generally the lather is meager, they have a robust synthetic fragrance and leave your skin feeling dry.

                Find out the Rewards of Quality All-natural Skin Care Merchandise

                Paris Soap Company's handmade all-natural soaps have a rich lather, a organic fragrance using pure crucial oils and our handmade soap moisturizes as properly as cleanses, leaving your skin feeling clean and soft. Our handmade all-natural soaps are of distinctive good quality complete of character, organic goodness and beneficial ingredients such as vital oil blends and natural herbs and botanicals we grow ourselves. Handmade soap recipes vary and the soap can be produced several various methods. Paris Soap Company's organic skin care products are made with the cold method approach in which no external heat is used, guarding the delicate crucial oils, herbs and all-natural botanical ingredients. The glycerin is a all-natural byproduct and natural emollient and remains in the finished handmade soap.

                A Prolonged Historical past of Handmade Natural Soap and Organic Herbal Products

                Some of our customers have been purchasing our handmade herbal soap products for a lot of decades. How many other handmade soap companies can make that claim? As the family members soapmaking organization passed from generation to generation, new handcrafted soap items have been added and old standbys like our handmade Magic Laundry SoapÂ? were refined. Cindy Jones took over the company from her Aunt Helen numerous many years ago and has improved the quantity and top quality of the organic skin care merchandise which are offered by adding her very own handmade soap recipes to the item line. Her current catalog contains the greatest choice and selection of natural goods Paris Soap Organization has ever developed. With a continual eye on quality and purity, the components for every single batch of natural handcrafted soap are meticulously chosen and then meticulously measured to guarantee the highest level of buyer satisfaction. Further focus to detail contains hand cutting each and every and every single bar of soap and then meticulously wrapping the last product.

                Even though the product catalog consists of a broad choice of fine organic handcrafted soap, other natural skin care products are also available. From Lotion Sticks to All-natural Lip Balms and special Gift Baskets, Paris Soap Company has a full line of natural goods such as natural physique and bath accessories to fill your requirements.

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