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Question by Nunya B: why is St. John's Wort Yogi Tea not very good to drink for the duration of pregnancy? If it's herbal, it does not have caffeine. Is it a detox tea? I've been trying to appear stuff up on it and I'm not obtaining what specifically I want.

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Answer by stevepitt2
From Wikipedia

Adverse effects St John's wort is typically nicely tolerated, with an adverse impact profile comparable to placebo.[32] The most widespread adverse effects reported are gastrointestinal symptoms, dizziness, confusion, tiredness and sedation.[33] Hair loss has also been noted. [34]

St John's wort might seldom result in photosensitivity. This can lead to visual sensitivity to light and to sunburns in scenarios that would not normally result in them.[32] Connected to this, researchers at Fordham University, New York, showed in laboratory experiments that the drug reacts with light, the two visible and ultraviolet, to produce cost-free radicals, molecules that can harm the cells of the body.[35] These can react with important proteins in the eye which, if damaged, precipitate out causing cataracts.

Some investigation shows that St John's wort might adversely influence fertility in each guys and ladies.[36]

Some anti-depressants, like St John's wort, have been acknowledged to trigger mania in bipolar patients.[37][38]

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